Should I root?

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    Jan 23, 2011
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    I have my phone all customized and set other than a few things which I can't/are hard to do. I also have some concerns about doing it.

    1.) How often do they brick? If so what can I do?

    2.) Is it hard? Will I got lost half way through?

    3.) Can I keep everything as it is or do I have to start over? (Not a big deal.)

    4.) Can I under-clock it to save battery? Without noticing to much.

    5.) Take screenshots.

    6.) Disable the 5 second delay after you press home to make WidgetLock stop yelling at me.

    Is it easy to try new root things like it is on a jail broken iPod? What is there? What are custom ROMs, what do they do, and do I want them? Also do you think at this point it's worth it for me?


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