Should I root ?

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  1. Jyrx

    Jyrx Member

    Just got my Gio few days ago and i have learned something about "rooting". Probably the most asked question, but is it SAFE ? Is there a way to unroot Gio if warranty is needed? Why should i root? And the last one - HOW?

    I am more than thankful to someone who finds time to answer to my questions.

    W/ best,

  2. GalaxyEuropa

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    I dont mind answering your question, but I have never owned, used or seen a Gio. Rooting is safe it just allows apps to be given superuser access. What that means in English is you can download apps from market which can control certain processes of your device. The example I can give is that I am able to overclock my processor. It is safe but it can invalidate your warrenty apparently so do keep that in mind.

    If its makes any difference my phone has been rooted for 10 of the 13 months I have owned it.
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  3. Jyrx

    Jyrx Member

    Thanks, but can someone answer my unrooting question now. Thanks!
  4. StoneBoyTony

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  5. mach101

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    I am new to Android and this is my first Android device. I like to ask some more questions regarding rooting.

    1- Will rooting provide more options under the Settings? as it is said it gives more rights to administrate?

    2- If for some reason the user want to unroot, how can you know which app must be uninstalled before you unroot your phone?

    3- Do I need to delete the zip file after it is rooted? What about unrooting, does the zip file has to be deleted after it is unrooted?

    thanks in advance

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