Should I root?

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  1. prosan98

    prosan98 Active Member

    I'm reasonably happy with my phone now that I've been running Go Launcher for a few months. Battery life is good, no more Sense crashes, etc. I'm a pretty basic user so I haven't seen a need to root (other than it would be nice to get rid of bloat-ware). I use Easy Tether for wired tethering to my laptop and it works pretty darn well.

    But I recently got a tablet (Asus Transformer) and would really like to have a (free) Wi-Fi hotspot for it. I thought I had the solution in downloading FoxFi and using the Bluetooth capability, but wouldn't you know that the ICS version for the Asus tablets is missing the "tun.ko" component, so Transformers can't connect via FoxFi without rooting them and manually isntalling that. :rolleyes: I don't think I can wire tether to a tablet, right?

    I am NOT willing to root my brand new $375 tablet, but I may be open to rooting my Shift. I'm running 2.3.4 and I'm a bit confused about how to do this. Do I still have to downgrade to Froyo? Is there a way to do it without losing anything?

    And if I do root, is WiFi Tether the recommened app?

    I'd really appreciate hearing your thougths! :ty:

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    If you don't have nothing to lose, then I'd say go ahead. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly. One good thing about rooting, if you accidentallly messed up... you'll find threads on here to assist you.
  3. prosan98

    prosan98 Active Member

    Exactly which directions should I follow, :lol:? There seem to be so many different ones!
  4. CNexus

    CNexus Active Member

    It depends on what version you have. So with that said, what version are you running? and I can point you to the right forum
  5. CNexus

    CNexus Active Member

    Oh and yes, I would definitely attempt to root because you can always go back to stock if anything unfortunate happens.

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