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Should I trade my iPhone 4s or the epic touch 4g plus $50General

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  1. TheHerd84

    TheHerd84 Well-Known Member

    I have a 16gb white iPhone 4s with applecare plus. I have had the droid (OG), Epic, Evo, Photon 4g, and then switched to this iPhone. I don't dislike it, but sometimes I miss small things about the Android OS.

  2. JCampbell

    JCampbell Well-Known Member

    I've never owned an iPhone, but I love this phone more than I have any other android device I've ever owned! The build quality is fantastic, as is the screen.
    Some selling advice: On my local Craigslist I often see people trading an iPhone 4s for $100 plus an Epic 4g Touch. So start the price higher and work down :)
  3. TheHerd84

    TheHerd84 Well-Known Member

    Come on? No one who owns this phone has an opinion?
  4. JCampbell

    JCampbell Well-Known Member

    I just gave an opinion! (on one of the two phones at least)
  5. TheHerd84

    TheHerd84 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I didn't see this before I said that.

    It just annoys me because both sides have fanboys that make everything hard. I need to know if the E4gT is more stable than the past android phones. Apps force closing, OS fragmentation, GPS issues, ect ect.
  6. JCampbell

    JCampbell Well-Known Member

    I've only had mine for a few days, but I've had absolutely no issues with it this far. Unlike my Evo 3D, it hasn't had any issues with GPS lock or force closing. As far as fragmentation, I stay rooted and on the latest ROMs, so I don't really know.
    Pretty much, it's the most stable Android device I've used to date.
  7. acadialover

    acadialover Member

    I have an a mac for many years, and just switched out my ip4s for the 4g touch.
    I have never had another android device, but I have to say, I LOVE this phone. Just the speed and viewing content are spectacular. I have not used the GPS yet. I haven't figured out how to upload my photos to iphoto yet. Anybody???
    I don't think you will be sorry if you switch !!! Iwill wait till the next iphone comes out and see if it has changed much. IF not..... never returning to iphone.
  8. ladyc0524

    ladyc0524 Well-Known Member

    I just got rid of my iPhone 4 and got the Epic Touch 4G..deep down, I've always been an Android fan and I love how it's so customizable. This phone is the best Android phone I've ever owned, including the OG Evo..
  9. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    I have both the iPhone 4S and the Epic Touch and use them daily. The E4GT is best phone / device I have owned, ever. The iphone 4S does not compare.
  10. Ignitros

    Ignitros New Member

    Still have that iphone you want to trade? I have a black Samsung Epic 4G touch with a few cases, invisishield and a 16gb micro sd card to trade. It's in absolute perfect condition with a clean ESN. I have a Galaxy Nexus as my personal line so would rather have an iphone for work. (I sell Sprint service and can't purchase an iphone yet)
  11. srkmagnus

    srkmagnus Well-Known Member

    Most of my friends and family have iPhones, both 4 and S variants that I get to use from time to time. The phone is great, but imo does no compare to my Epic 4g Touch. They are both on different levels and really comes down to what you prefer in terms of OS and overall form factor. This is my second Android phone (CDMA Hero was the first) and I can see myself purchasing another when its time to upgrade.

    Would I get an iPhone? Probably not. But that's just my personal phone preference. We have several Apple products in the home so I can honestly say that I'm not an Android fanboy.
  12. brownhornet

    brownhornet Well-Known Member

    From a financial standpoint you'd be crazy to do that. Honestly I don't even have an iphone but the value with them is easily more than what a GS2 is. You can get a GS2 brand new off contract for $499 RETAIL.. probably less online. Iphone 4S sells for more than that right now lol.. even used. No way should you trade the phone PLUS cash for it. If anything sell the iphone and just buy it from him and still have some money left over.

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