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Should I upgrade to GingerbreadSupport

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  1. I have samsung galaxy pop, I just want to know when will gingerbread be official be available in india so that I can upgrade through kies and one more thing that I have win 7 x64bit, I have an update in kies for my pop, it download the firmware and goes to download mode and freeze.
    Is it bcoz of my window?

  2. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

    No. Windows won't be a problem once a program gets running. The most that can happen is problems with the accessiblity permissions. Used to happen in Vista. I have not used Windows 7, so can't elaborate on this.
  3. rejectedapple

    rejectedapple Member

    im from malaysia,is it ok for me to upgrade to gingerbread?
  4. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    I am from India and i bought a galaxy pop (Indian version of galaxy mini) with froyo 2.2.

    I recently updated the phone with European gingerbread stock rom 2.3.4 and changed my galaxy pop to galaxy mini.

    Everything is working fine like rooted apps, games, messeging,calls etc,but when Itry to recharge my mobile phone account using USSD code like *123*748463833837# , it gives error messege that that the code is wrong.

    Other USSD codes are working fine.

    Can anybody here solve this problem????
  5. intelprakash

    intelprakash Active Member

    @kalikool123 - maybe the recharge coupon number you entered is wrong, but i haven't tried to update myself yet, waiting for the official kies update, it'll be nice to know when will the official gingerbread update for pop?
  6. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member


    No man I tried it for nearly five times, later I used my sim on another phone to check if it was network problem and its not, I could recharge the first time itself.

    Anyway its O.K. as all network providers provide a way to call and recharge or flexi recharge which solves this prob. Maybe this prob is solved in the newer version of gingebread which is available officialy.

    No man I dont think there would be an update available for pop, if it was so , why dint they provide an update when the update to latest gingerbread is available for european users officialy through kies just a few days ago.

    It may be because galaxy pop is only for India. That was mean from Samsung :mad:

    I am going to try the new gingerbread for SGM on my POP ;)

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