Should You Use a Task Killer?

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  1. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Decided to write an article about task killer use, mainly because of so many people being surprised that i do not recommend it, after their so called techy friends told them they need one, I'll post the opening paragraph with a link to the rest of it.

    Android Guide: Should I Use a Task Killer - Droid Den

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  2. EmperorKabir

    EmperorKabir Well-Known Member

    2 questions then.

    1: Why is it that some games I play are jerky but then run fine when I task kill?

    2: The article suggests, or rather, has a tone suggesting that apps are poorly coded on rare occasions. But this is android marketplace we are talking about, which is one of the easier marketplaces to put your apps on. For those who have lots of apps, how are we suppsoed to know if an app is poorly coded or not, and secondly, many of these apps restart themselves or check for notifications too often and there are limited options for preventing this. Even one of the pre instaleld apps, stocks, cannot be removed from the sync list.

    LECTER Well-Known Member

    To answer the question in your title, op:



    p.s. Nice article btw.
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    1: i don't experience this myself at all. so i'd suggest its due to a bad app(s) without actually having your phone in front of me.

    2: I think you can stop stocks from syncing in the settings. apps restarting themselves shouldnt be an issue as you're not killing them.. things like peep or footprints are a problem with sense. they seem to want to force you to use them. it's difficult to id bad apps, but generally the market comments can help you. also if an app takes up a lot of memory like explained in the article. if an app doesn't let you tell it when to check for updates, then thats a poor app in my view.

  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Here here. Needed to be said in a single place
  6. Wardogz

    Wardogz Well-Known Member

    I use a task killer but only for the force close widget, I don't want crappy 3rd party apps eating data and battery life.

    I don't use auto kill though.
  7. SurfXombie

    SurfXombie Well-Known Member

    If you want to kill tasks - yes
    If you don't want to kill tasks - no

    Do you want to kill tasks?
    No - you don't need a task killer
    Yes - why do you want to kill tasks?

    I wan't to kill tasks that are sucking the life out of my desire - bad app!
    I wan't to kill tasks because OCD drives me to keep things as minimal as possible - you don't need a task killer you need an iPhone
  8. philarmer

    philarmer Well-Known Member

    Advanced task killer was one of the first apps I installed when I got my phone back in May. Uninstalled it after about 2 weeks after advice from these boards & low & behold my battery life improves by 30/40%

    So the moral is:


  9. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    if they are so crap, my advice is not to have them on your phone.

    that doesn't make it any better!

    And yes SurfXombie :p
  10. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    If you really need to kill something because, oh well.I don't know... your browser has hung...manage applications, force close
  11. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Task killers are OK in some situations, auto task manager on the other hand is nice for when your phone goes to sleep it can kill running apps (found in task switcher via holding home button) and frees up menory for when you use your phone again. This became a bit of a problem on my Moto Quench when memory got low the system started to lag and when I installed this and selected apps I want killed if running when the phone goes to sleep, it helped.
  12. Wardogz

    Wardogz Well-Known Member

    What I do works just fine, I get 30hrs battery life out of my phone easily. I find task killer useful, using the force close widget massively improved my battery. I just make sure it ignores all core apps.
  13. smokinmonkey

    smokinmonkey Well-Known Member

    I use a task killer... but only to close single apps to save me from navigating the menus to force close it..

    For example: I open eBuddy to use facebook chat / msn etc.. then when I "close" ebuddy, it's still running in the background.. so I open the task killer, select only it and kill it. I don't shut down all the running apps. Just let them do their own thing.
  14. Wardogz

    Wardogz Well-Known Member

    This is a perfect example of why task killer is needed sometimes.
  15. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    it really isn't. you should really read my article. Android actually creates an ecosystem where no apps should be closed, if a phone had enough memory available, the ideal situation for android would be all apps open all the time.

    "running", please make note of how i surround the word in quotations. then do a search in my article for the same word.

    Again, some poor assumptions here. you really don't need to kill "running" apps when your screen turns off. Freeing up memory for when your phone turns on again is actually really bad advice. Basically means the phone having to completely reopen an app, rather than pull it from memory (where, i might add, it has been sitting idle not harming anyone) quickly and efficiently.
  16. willis

    willis Well-Known Member

    I read a similar article and I would agree there is no need for one. Just let the system do its thang.

    It was one of the first apps I installed too before things started to go wrong. Apps were force closing and the phone was slowing down. A reset/shut down took forever aswell.

    Uninstalled the task killer culprit and it went back to lightning speed like straight out of the box
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    What you talkin' about Willis?

    Sorry I always wanted to say that legitimately. I agree with you ;)
  18. willis

    willis Well-Known Member

    I just had to Wiki that. Bit before my time. I love you though.
  19. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Cheers babe.
  20. Mubble

    Mubble Well-Known Member

    I'll continue to use task killer to close apps that do actually continue to run and drain battery in the background like sports scores update apps etc.
  21. theretroandroid

    theretroandroid Well-Known Member

    I have used 'em in the past, but since the time i read the article a few months back, stopped using them and i find that the phone runs a lot smoother and there are no force closes no more!

    so DONT USE THEM! :D
  22. StevenSeed

    StevenSeed Well-Known Member

    Brilliant article Lekky, well done. Couldn't be put in any more plain English than that, and yet........people still download and use task killers?!?!? Why?!!?

    I'm starting to think people simply don't WANT to understand this operating system!
  23. spinz78

    spinz78 Member

    This is the best operating system. I love android. and YES I have un-installed Advanced Task Killer.

    when I bought the phone as new it didn't drain tat much battery, after I installed some softwares(Including Task Killer) it started to. Now i know wat was causing it. Will keep an eye on the batt. nd see the results
  24. exkaraokeman

    exkaraokeman Active Member

    I read this article yesterday , then deleted advanced task killer. Its so nice for my Desire to know where we are , and to display the correct weather! not sure about battery life yet , will find that out today, but to be honest,just the fact that its working like it did when i opened the box,firing on all cylinders is a lot better than it has been,moot doing almost nothing!
  25. LECTER

    LECTER Well-Known Member

    Thread should also be posted in the apps forum. ;)

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