Shouldn't I be able to access the microSD via USB on a PC?Support

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  1. motionblurrr

    motionblurrr Member

    I bought a 64GB microSD card for my M8 but when I plug my phone into USB on my computer, the micrsSD card doesn't show up as a drive. My old Droid X worked this way so I assumed the M8 would as well. Am I missing something? I really don't want to use HTC Sync Manager.

    Edit: I also don't want to access anything via MTP. I hate MTP! :p

  2. CapThrowback

    CapThrowback Well-Known Member

    MTP is the default. If you want Mass Storage mode, choose the Disk Drive option from the USB File Sharing option in the Notification drop-down.
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  3. motionblurrr

    motionblurrr Member

  4. motionblurrr

    motionblurrr Member

    Hmm, it seems it mounts internal storage and the sdcard via MTP and I can view them as files, not just media, so maybe it's not so bad after all.
  5. jasonspeed

    jasonspeed Well-Known Member

    For me the phone comes up in My Computer as a Media Device (WIN7). I can browse the SD card and the phone's internal storage. I was used to having to mount the SD card as a disc to transfer files but this works much nicer.
  6. Martin L

    Martin L Well-Known Member

    What operating system are you using?
    My work xp computer it doesn't mount but my surface pro works fine.
  7. SolApathy

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