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  1. beano52

    beano52 Well-Known Member

    I also prefer to go ahead and wear shoes lulz!

  2. mikeb33

    mikeb33 Well-Known Member

    My wacky collies and my Charger R/T. Also the Blackhawks edition Camaro I saw in Chevy Dealership.

  3. gsxr150

    gsxr150 Well-Known Member

  4. brownhornet

    brownhornet Well-Known Member

  5. JDog797

    JDog797 Member

  6. lamboh

    lamboh Well-Known Member

  7. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    lol cool pics of the rig and lizard :D Good stuff
  8. Well-Known Member

    A lizard on a leash, huh? Never seen that before.
  9. brownhornet

    brownhornet Well-Known Member

    Would be nice if people told which app and settings they're using. I see some pics here that are WAY better than the quality im getting.
  10. sintricate

    sintricate Well-Known Member

  11. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

  12. Well-Known Member

    Beautiful color in that shot. Looking at this thread, the camera is very impressive.
  13. nyne7lac

    nyne7lac Member

    Never saw this thread before today. This was taken on my road trip this summer during my stop in St. Louis

  14. hydralisk

    hydralisk Well-Known Member

    Edit: wrong forum =\
  15. C_Dub

    C_Dub Well-Known Member


    Casino winnings from the other night. almost $9K but I don't remember if I included all of it here or not lol.
  16. branmala1986

    branmala1986 Member

  17. earendil09

    earendil09 New Member

  18. b0x3r

    b0x3r Active Member

    was wondering the same thing !! does anyone know of a program that allows this ?? thanks!

  19. BamaBoi

    BamaBoi New Member


  20. BamaBoi

    BamaBoi New Member


  21. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    dude which casino? i am totally hanging out with you next time you go lol

  22. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Shots from the Rally To Restore Sanity in DC the other day:

  23. long hur

    long hur New Member

    <a target='_blank' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

    no i am not Mormon lol
  24. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    pumpkins were a hit again this year!

    neither my point and shoot or phone took exceptional pics in the dark setting but this one was one of my favs

  25. LouieLou74

    LouieLou74 Well-Known Member

    Here are some pics i took with my phone.


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