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  1. CorruptedSanity

    CorruptedSanity Well-Known Member

    one more off topic, lekky what theme/icons are you using?

  2. junkiepilot

    junkiepilot Well-Known Member

    Try it in HTC Sync mode.
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    someone said it before i think, but its GPS

    they are by curvefish, just search curvefish in the market and you'll see a list of their widgets

    Hmm, does everyone else not have the taskbar on the lockscreen? I didn't set it manually but it may a side effect of something, let me know :p

    It's the bookmarks widget for Dolphin HD browser app.

    3G Watchdog

    My guide kind of gives a start :p

    The icons on screen main + 2 are these http://lab.iirojappinen.com/idroid/icons.zip

    The others can be found in the market called:

    -icon pack - ibox
    -icon pack - ibox2
    -icon pack - ibox3

    They are applied using the File Organizer app.

    Instead of sense i'm also using helixlauncher (on the market), lets you add those 4 tray icons along the bottom. But its not terribly stable, crashes quite a bit :/
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  4. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    Sorry for slight offtopicness here Lekky, but I too have considered these icons and icon packs. I didnt realise you need an app called File Organizer in order to apply them [I didnt really know how they were applied!].

    However, do you need File Organizer ALWAYS running in the background in order for the icons to be maintained? i.e. if it was uninstalled after applying the icons, will the icons disappear too?

    Also does anything at all need to run as an extra resource in the background in order to have these icons displaying other than default? i.e. I'd like changed icons but not by compromising memory utilisation.


    p.s. I think its inevitable that a thread of this nature [e.g. post your PC/Mac desktop, HTC Homescreens] will bring questions about who's using what :)....so its not compleeeetely offtopic.

    p.p.s Really silly question here, I couldn't find a specific app called 'File Organizer' - did you mean just any file organiser? i.e. ASTRO? *EDIT* found it: http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.google.code.appsorganizer
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  5. i3ubble

    i3ubble Active Member

  6. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Nope and nope, you can safely kill it.
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  7. c_man

    c_man Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    <back on topic>

    Now where are everyone else's screenshots? :)
  8. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    Off topic again but I agree, I know I for one am only utilising Android by the smallest percentage of it's ability.

    It's almost like some dark force withholding all it's secrets. Lekky's set up, while not to my tastes, really shows off what Android and the Desire is truly capable of.

    There are guides here to some things but a website giving detailed info on how to produce results like that above would be really useful to lots of Android Noobs, myself included.
  9. i3ubble

    i3ubble Active Member

    My homepages aren't anything special so just a quick post of them. Also, one of them has nothing on at the moment as I've been fiddling with them a bit so I haven't included it.


  10. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Love your wallpaper (can i have it pls :p ), but I've never been a big fan of the sense widgets.

    Can i make some suggestions, i don't know if you prefer an agenda view of your appointments but 'android agenda widget' kinda has a sense theme going on:


    and smooth calendar for the 1 line calendar widget as it allows multiple lines


    Just in case you wanted to try them :p
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  11. zedstar

    zedstar Active Member

    Sorry to ask Lekky another question
    But the theme on your fone, where did you get it from...its wicked and would love to have it ??
  12. i3ubble

    i3ubble Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely have a look, they do sound better than the standard sense widgets.

    The wallpaper is by a Japanese artist, Aya Kato: cheval noir
    Ridiculously amazing artist!
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  13. gd123

    gd123 Well-Known Member

    Okay, i Hve tried that and get similar on off toggle switches - but not the same and not as good.

    They don't say on/off and they don't show red when turned off?

    Any idea why they are different? ( And not as good looking)
  14. mcnob

    mcnob Well-Known Member

    Lekky, it prob would have saved a lot of thread space if you'd just given a breakdown of every app/widget on there in the first place. :D

    New thread rule there?
  15. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    Lekky, love the wallpaper in this shot, where can I D/L the image?
  16. weirdNumber

    weirdNumber Well-Known Member

    @Lekky I have been trying to change icons the way you have them. Using the App manager program that was posted further up the thread I can set a custom icon that links to a category so it opens a window with some apps I can launch rather than just launching the app I want straight away.
    Is that the way it works on yours?


    I can achieve what I want by changing the Shortcut settings within Helix.
  17. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps Lekky should just post up a link to his appbrain page? LOL
  18. Mr.Derringer

    Mr.Derringer Well-Known Member

    can anyone tell me what the widget is 2nd from bottom that says, Update, Home Mentions, DM, Search?


  19. zedstar

    zedstar Active Member

    Can anyone tell me what this theme is

  20. username27

    username27 Well-Known Member

    Can I use ASTRO for the icons? or should it be Apps Organizer?
  21. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Its called helixlauncher and is available on the market.

    Thanks :)

    The ones I used are by curvefish, search that name in the market.

    Those 2 wern't actually my screenshots, just taken from the developer (thus the frenchness :p )

    Actually app organizer only allows you to set folders, its twin app called folderorganizer adds on this by adding shortcuts, changing app icons etc.

    Twicca, cool twitter client

    Check the theme answer above, the wallpaper i created from an anime pic, if u want that i can post here :p

    Sorry its not called file organzer my mistake.

    Ther are 2, appsorganizer and folderorganizer. The first just lets u create folders and is free, the second basically lets you do anything and is paid, but very cheap.
  22. weirdNumber

    weirdNumber Well-Known Member

    Haha ok, I guess the way I did it was the long way.

    I created a category using Apps Organizer with my own icon. Added it to the shortcuts in Helix. Then configured helix and changed the shortcut manually to launch what I wanted rather than the Apps Organizer category. It kept the icon but launched a different app.

  23. zedstar

    zedstar Active Member

    Cheers Lekky for info on Theme, if you could post "the wallpaper i created from an anime pic" i would be gratefull .....its cool
    How do i download it from here once you've posted it and get it on my phone ??

    Thanks alot bud
  24. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    browse to this site on your phone http://goo.gl/eQCI

    then long press on the image and click save
  25. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Very quick guide on how to customise app icons with folderorganiser:

    open folder organizer >
    shortcuts tab >
    press menu >
    new shortcut >
    folder organizer item >
    apps >
    select an app >
    now long press on the new shortcut >

    If you are using an icon pack from the market select icon packs.
    If you are using an image from your sdcard pick andexplorer

    Now on your desktop:

    long press >
    select shortcut >
    folderorganizer item >
    select the shortcut you created.

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