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  1. Bankswood

    Bankswood Well-Known Member

    Just rooted and deodexed my Droid X and I'm pumped. I really like my screens they are stock. The only thing I would like to change is my dock icons. I like the simple transparent print. Do I have to use Launch Pro for that?

  2. MrPie

    MrPie Well-Known Member

    I'm still confused as to how to use Launcher pro. I got a file from the link jon gave and used Astro to view the files but dont know how to actually use them lol
  3. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    If you press long on the screen or the dock icon there will be a few options pop up. Let's say if you press long on the dock icon and there will be three options: Change shortcut, Change Icon and Swipe Gesture action. Click on Change Icon to change your dock icon and select either gallery or ASTRO where your custom icon located. Press long on the home screen to add widgets. Or if you want to add a shortcut with custom icon, you need Desktop Visualizer.
  4. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Nope, I now have those icons (the ones Lekky made) and I used Folder Organizer.

    If you need help doing it (it's not totally straightforward, but it is super easy), just PM me.

    I use it because I don't like the Launch Pro icons at the bottom.
  5. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    You can also use folder organizer for this. Awesome little app really.

    You can also use it to remove the ANNOYING text titles from under your icons - which I love!

    You can also make transparent drawers and "docks" with it AND the best for me is, no Launch Pro. (Launch pro is really good everyone says, but I really don't like it as much as I like my phone without it!)

    People seriously underestimate what this thing can do because it is SO simple, that you think it can only do simple stuff.

    I think I might write some mini-tutorials for it though, because the instructions on the dev site are a bit...:confused: but then they are looking at it from the other side to non-devs so....

    Anyway, it is good.
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  6. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    I got that apps too but don really know how to use it. LOL. Haven try it out fully yet.
  7. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Well if you want to know how to do anything feel free to ask or pm me and I'll help, if I even know how! :p
  8. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Here are my new screens:


    Home (4)

    Music (5)

    Misc stuff I use a lot (3)

    Kids' Screen (1)

    The other 3 are just photos, weather, & a blank screen with only evernote on it, so a bit boring...

    All these wallpapers and icons are in my dropbox - so if you want any/all pm me.

    The apps used are:
    Digital Clock Widget
    Folder Organizer
    Music Mod
    Switch Pro
    MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

    The animal and boxmonster icons in the kids' photo frames are also in my dropbox.

    Oh and: rather than Astro, for file management, I use plain old file manager. Seems just speedier to me and I haven't come against anything I couldn't do with it.

    Fun! :D
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  9. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Oh and little dorky but fun bonus to using widgetlocker, when you unlock there's animated fog that clears from the homescreen which I did not know when I put on the home screen I have now (fog and ghosty light through trees), lol. Funny!
  10. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    hey anneatkins, are you using wallpaper plus or summin to lock each screen with an individual wallpaper? could you have unique live wallpapers per screen? ta in advance!
  11. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, in market
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  12. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    darn! guess i cant see it on my 2.1 hero yet booo....

    but a question to all about live wall papers, would any of you guys n gals know a good site to find free live wall papers? cheers me dears!
  13. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Scan this...
  14. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    ooo requested icon could not be issue with my old rom possibly? lol
  15. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

  16. MrPie

    MrPie Well-Known Member

    Hey Anneat. Would you mind telling me how you go about getting those custom icons and stuff on? Getting bored of the stock themes :p I managed to change an icon for the internet. But that's about it. I want to know how to get your lock screen and your home. Something very minimal. Yet beautiful. Thanks in advance :p
  17. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    ahhh...might be the issue, lol forgot my hero at the moment doesnt allow live wallpapers so that'll be why hehe was kinda hoping this would still work in me setting up the stills but nvm :)

    guess i have to actually wait for my DHD to arrive and try it out then :)
  18. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    OK, Lock screen: Done purely with widget locker & folder organizer.

    The icons/wall-papers are in my dropbox, so the easiest is if you pm me your email address, I can share that folder with you and you can dl whatever you want from there and you can DL zips of the whole folder, or whatever.

    Set up widgetlocker how you like, add whatever folder orgaizer items you want (the folder organizer items are what you create in folder organizer, so that you can long touch the screen and then add widget -> folder manager item, select preferences, like your app, icon, and check or uncheck text for under the icon) and job done.

    Home screen is folder organizer, for the textual icons, switch pro, for the on/off switches, and then digital clock widget for the clock.

    You make your icons again by creating them within folder organizer, then long touch on screen -> widget -> folder organizer item, then select the app or shortcut or whatever you want there and done.

    The clock is pretty standard, no bones about it.

    I think that's it.

    If you want to PM your email, I can add you as a user, to my whole "public" folder, otherwise, I'll have to send you a link for EACH icon in the set and there are a lot! I wish dropbox would let me just link to a folder, but I think to prevent everyone hitting that link, they don't at present - but if I share it with you, then you can go get whatever you like from there.

    If you have any hitches with folder organizer, which is awesome but *can* seem a bit roundabout in how you do things, gimme a yell.

    All the best!
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  19. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Oh and re switch pro, you just long click -> add widget -> select the switch pro size you prefer and set up prefs and you're done.

    I used the 4 across one, but set it to just 6 switches, rather than 8 (I didn't need any more switches, but I don't like the 3 spaces one because you cannot centre it which I thought looked icky), no background, and all colour options to white.
  20. MrPie

    MrPie Well-Known Member

    You say i have to go to the icon on my home screen and hold down? and then i should get options to change icons and stuff right? That doesn't happen to me though. Despite having Folder organizer installed. And even then when i go into the app and change icon that way it says it will only make changes in the app and not on the android overall.
  21. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    That is what I meant when I said that it can get tricky.

    After you have changed the icon WITHIN the apps or whatever folder (like I guess you have - where it says "this is only changed in the apps folder, not on the screen!!")

    THEN you go to home screen, long touch on screen (where there is NO icon - you are making a NEW icon now, so old ones there already you will want to delete afterward) and then select WIDGET

    Then in there you touch "Folder Organizer Item" (not anything else)

    THEN you select the app for which you've changed the icon.


    (Oh and if you do not want text under your icons, untick show icon text, at the top of the screen where you select the app, it's at the TOP of the apps list.)
  22. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

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  23. MrPie

    MrPie Well-Known Member

    Nope. You see i just changed the icon for the settings icon IN the folder organizer. However when i click in a black area in my home screen the personalize screen just pops up :/
  24. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    soooo have this bookmarked now lol cheers me dears anneatkins! word to your mother :)
  25. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    YES! That is right.

    Do that again.

    See where it says:
    Widget? (4th item down)

    Tap that.

    Then scroll right on down to "Folder Organizer Item" and tap that.

    Then a "choose items" screen opens

    select app with your modified icon (make sure to untick box at top that says show text under icon)


    New correct icon on home screen.
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