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  1. lokesh534

    lokesh534 Well-Known Member

    You guys have nice Home screens :)

    Here is mine.. i use "Shootme" application from market to take screen shot.

    Xperia X8 2.1 + root + jit + xrecovery + app2sd


  2. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    You're from India???
  3. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    And what are you doing with flashlight? :)))
  4. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    nice! do you set the screen captions (Android, Games, Mutimedia, etc.)? Is that thru LPP? How?
  5. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    Those are folders that option comes both in lp and adw
  6. kiz1983

    kiz1983 Well-Known Member

    latest on my x8.. trying to b as simple as i can.. >.<

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. lokesh534

    lokesh534 Well-Known Member

    im using Folder Organizer lite.. It has lot of options like contacts, bookmarks etc etc.

    @Suhel - ya. im from India dude.
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  8. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    This is just awsome ! :eek: nice minimal style :) can u send me names of widgets by PM ? :)
  9. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    downloaded....nice features....but all i was able to add in my LP homescreens are the folder organizer links, which contain the games, multimedia, tools, etc.....i mean, in your screen shots, the links are automatically launched?
  10. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    very nice! did you make your dock icons look 3d-ish and with shadows and all?

    i especially love your calendar widget! it shows the events right on the calendar screen! i've been looking for this, but can't find one! can you tell me where to find it?

    may i also ask where to find those great widgets?

    thanks in advance!
  11. raviks90

    raviks90 New Member

    dude..that data transfer calculating widget. what's its name??
  12. kiz1983

    kiz1983 Well-Known Member

    The dock icons is from york's blue theme, im using adw launcher, u can search it in the market.

    For the calendar, its jorte, also can b found on the market
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  13. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    Thats built into the phone -

    its called "data traffic" in your widgets
  14. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member


    It's data monitor..
  15. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

  16. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    Here s my contribution! :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Screenshots taken with Screenshot app!
    Her name is Elli and she s my g/f! :p
  17. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    hey i have the images of my homescreens, how do i insert them here? ty

  18. Dinkoprim

    Dinkoprim Member

    Nice! Whats the name of the battery level app next to the clock?
  19. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

  20. palakkad

    palakkad New Member

    I am new to x8 and new to android.
    Can I get some help on how to take a snap-shot of the screen?
  21. palakkad

    palakkad New Member

    How can i play movies on x8? I copied some avi and mp4 files thru SE PC Companion software to sdcard location for videos. File is present, but video player says it cant be run.
    my x8 has 2gb card. movie file is about 650mb. card has free space of about 500mb.
    Should i replace my 2GB SD card with say 4GB or higher? OR is it problem with video player software that comes preloaded in my new x8?
    Pls help.
  22. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    Download ROCKPLAYER from market..
    It should solve your problem

  23. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

  24. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

  25. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    The lower section of the wallpaper makes the shorcuts unreadable! :p

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