Sick of dealing with 2.2, would like 2.1 Update 1 again

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  1. Phreeman

    Phreeman Member

    Like many of my fellow Fascinate users, I jumped on the update to Android 2.2. Unfortunately, I regret that decision. For one, the GPS is back to being nearly useless, just as it was with 2.1 (it worked fine after update 1). Also, since "upgrading" to 2.2, I've had more force closes than ever, and the phone behaves strangely on occasion, in ways I never saw until I downloaded 2.2. So, here's the question: Where can I download and find a tutorial for getting Android 2.1 Update 1 on my phone again? I'm definitely going to need some instructions to go by because I'm a complete noob when it come to doing this sort of thing with a phone, but I can learn quickly and figure out the details as I go. If someone can point me in the direction of a download and instructions, it'll be appreciated much more than known.

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  2. Gevis

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  3. s44

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    Did you go to Froyo via OTA?

    A stock Odin flash would probably solve most of your issues. Sounds like your dbdata could use a nice reformat.
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  4. Phreeman

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    Thank you for the recommendations. I used Oden to flash DI01 back to my phone and did a format on the SD card and have resolved the issues I was having. A new one has developed, however; that is, my phone is only syncing contact pictures from Twitter and pulling nothing from Facebook except status updates. Compared to the force closes and useless GPS I was dealing with before, I won't complain too much.

    Thank you again.

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