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Sickest Android So Far?General

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  1. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    Well that video is not the actual device being used. Its just a rendering. With a Snapdragon it should be ok as long as they get it setup on top of Android properly.

  2. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Well-Known Member

    I will be looking very closely at this phone before purchasing the Droid. It sure is nice to have choices. :)
  3. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Don't you just hate it when you buy something and then Shortly after something better is out :rolleyes:

    These new phones with Android are starting to make my Magic look Old :eek:
  4. MoreYummy

    MoreYummy Well-Known Member

    And later on, another new phone will make these 'new' phones looks old also :D
  5. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

    I agree but I have this sinking feeling that this phone won't see US availability for a LONG time.
  6. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    the ones that look the most interesting to me, right now, are the LG, and the Samsung Behold. But the behold isn't GSM, and no word on the LG's protocol or carrier.
  7. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Dunno about sickest, but I think it is the sexiest :p. I have been waiting for an android phone with a decent snappedr on the back, and now it comes with free GPS software (I am just assuming 2.0 here) it looks liek a no brainer for me.

    Especially if it is OLED, when / where was this confirmed?

    EDIT Nevermind, just found this video I thought I repost a link incase anyone (like me) missed ti the first time round. Those specs look like a dream phone to me, seriously 4" OLED capacitive? 8.1 Sony Snapper (with 1080p cature!?) 32GB internal memory WITH microSD as well?

    Makes the HD2 look like my old nokia 3310 :D Sickest Android ever? I say sickest phone ever.
  8. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Everyone keeps talking about the 8.1 camera...but the important question is does it have a flash!? A 3 mega pixel camera is better than an 8 if it has a flash - as soon as you go indoor/low light the photos become crap, no matter how good light gathering or image stabilization is!
  9. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    Judging by the pics, I would say it only has a single LED flash at best. And you statement is only true if you only take pictures in the dark
  10. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Well-Known Member

    Single led is still better than any of the htc cameras! It's the single reason i chose the galaxy over the hero. And i stand by my decision :) Would have been a shame to destroy this new SE phone with a blunder like no flash!
  11. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    I agree, I love the HTC phones but the camera's are truly awful. Not only are the optics crap, but the software is as well! Sony have always made good camera phones (the satio is better than my point and shoot!) So heres hoping a xenon flash appears in tomorrows reveal....

    ...we should be so lucky :eek:
  12. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    HTC seem very stubborn. They'll probably catch up with the flash some day. How many phones did they release without 3.5mm jacks? So many people want them but they wouldn't include such a small feature. Now they seem to have it on all the phones they roll out. They need to do the same about having a flash, not that having a flash is really a make or break thing for me personally when looking for a phone.
  13. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    It seams sporadic as to which phones they add it to. My Touch Pro has one, but most of them don't
  14. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    IF this phone is released in the U.S, I will be purchasing it. I am VERY interested in a full touch screen Android phone WITHOUT a physical keyboard. I've had a few phones with physical keyboards, and after a few months of use, they get very lose and sloppy- dealbreaker for me. Here's hoping for some good news tomorrow.
  15. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    I mean more recent. Like after the HTC Magic was realeased. After that phone i think all of their released phones have 3.5mm jacks cause everyone complained so much.
  16. kasperknop

    kasperknop Well-Known Member

  17. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    I actually ment flash, but is it really too much to ask for both?! :p
  18. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    Oh my bad lol
    It would also be nice to see them use some larger screens than 3.2" on their android phones
    I don't think its big enough, After buying my 1.8" HTC Diamond I'm left afraid of buying a phone with a screen too small. It's just a nightmare on the Diamond to use the internet. Great resolution but the screen is just too tiny.
  19. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA VIP Member

    You mean 2.8 right? The Diamond definitely has a 2.8 screen. I can say for myself that when I went from my Touch Pro to my G1 the 3.2 screen seemed a lot bigger and much better for browsing. My iphone was just about perfectly sized for it, but I think 3.7-4.1 is the sweet spot.
  20. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    Yea my bad I meant 2.8"
    And that's exactly what I'm talking about. people Pay too much attention to Resolution and pixel density when in reality a larger screen makes a phone so much more useable.
  21. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    Now that the official specs are out, its a bit of a disappointment, but still looks to be a kick *** phone when it comes out. Its definatley a step ahead of the majority of the Android phones that are out/coming out very soon.
  22. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    Yea it is, I'm a bit worried about how well the UI will run after seeing the demo, hopefully they will get it running like liquid by the time it's released.
  23. The AndroidWarrior

    The AndroidWarrior New Member


    Check out the 3D Demo on the X10 at the DevWorld YouTube site.

    Just type "SonyEricssonDev X10".

  24. tat2dmommyof2

    tat2dmommyof2 New Member

    all i care about is what carrier is this phone going to be for? If it's not tmo- cause we always get the left over crap android phones even though we were the first to have them... then i'll get the behold II and my cliq is defiantly going back.
  25. quentinfisher

    quentinfisher Well-Known Member

    If it works like intended, it will blow every other smartphone available away. Other phones might have the same specs but I have NEVER seen a interface that looks as gorgeous, intuitive, and smooth as the X10's. The spec alone had me sold but then I saw videos of the timescape and mediascape and it just blows me away how beautiful this phone looks, simply astounding.

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