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  1. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    If anyone has one of these already.... is it possible to sideload? and then install gApps to get the market on it....

    I realize it doesn't have an sdcard slot but if you can sideload.. you can then mail yourself the gApps to get the Android Market on it... then load up all the official Google Apps.

    And possibly Dropbox to sideload more....

  2. mungoid

    mungoid Member

    From what i have read, yes its possible to sideload apps from googles app marketplace. HOWEVER, I also read that some apps crash on the kindle bad and some you cant exit as there is no home button.

    So basically its attempt at your own risk. I know i plan to
  3. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    well.. if you can sideload.. what about sideloading an alternative launcher that has buttons? such as an Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher (which there is at least one I know of)
  4. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    I was just about to post a question regarding that. I, too, would like to know the possibility of loading a custom UI/launcher.

    If loading apps has the possiblity of crashing the device, will it be easy to recover in said event? If so, I'm definitely going to try if I get one. :)
  5. coredalae

    coredalae New Member

    if this device is any kind of popular, i'm sure Cyanogenmod will come to it and we'll have gapps ;)
  6. HoPPy785

    HoPPy785 Member

    The engadegt review basically said side loading apps was pretty unsuccessful. Probably will have to wait till custom roms are out before you can get a full tablet experience.
  7. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Well-Known Member

    I would think that the newest apps for either ICS or the latest of GB would cause it to run slow, but Froyo apps should be fine.
  8. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    I wondering if the offical Weight Watchers Mobile app will work on the Kindle Fire? It don't do anything fancy, it's just big and can't be moved to the SD Card.
  9. echoes106

    echoes106 Member

    From what I understand, many API calls have been disabled in the UI the Fire is shipping with. But the bounty on a root will be pretty high, so I'm sure within a few days just about everything will be sideloadable as long as you're willing to kick the warranty to the curb.
  10. lynyrd65

    lynyrd65 Member

    To get soft buttons you need more than a launcher. CM7/9 tablet customizations provide these.
  11. Cares

    Cares Well-Known Member

    You're going to have to wait until it is rooted :)
  12. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    Well.. you can most likely sideload the Android market onto it regardless of rooting it and cyanogenmod (which I would love... put some Ice Cream on that.. the code supposedly drops on the 17th)......

    I'm thinking alternative launcher with on-screen controls (like the nook)....

    Although this is underpowered.. it is more powerful than phones that came out last year.. and should be able to handle it.
  13. jestyr

    jestyr Member

    Best to buy this and just bookmark xda. Through root all things are possible.
  14. laslen

    laslen Member

    Are they going to lock this thing down like the iPad?
    What about the bootloader?

    Has there been any word from Amazon on rooting/ROMs/etc?

    I'm not doubting the dev community, but everyone seems a little too confident.
    I was under the impression this was a very tight proprietary device, based on how it has been presented by Amazon.
  15. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    Already a member of XDA... and..... Ice Cream Sandwich sourcecode is being released AS I TYPE THIS.....

    Kinda hoping for a cyanogen of Ice Cream for both this.. and my HTC Incredible.
  16. omgwtfmason

    omgwtfmason Member

    It would be nice if someone eventually gets it working, I'd like to download apps from the Market. I'm sure someone will though.

    It would be nice to get ICS on the device too!
  17. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Depending on what apps are available through the appstore there may not be any need to side load.
  18. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    Although no matter what the device is limited by its storage with a full blown ICS
  19. lilparker2009

    lilparker2009 Well-Known Member

    My guess would be a no because it doesn't have a literal home key so u wont be able to set it to launch it automatically
  20. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

  21. bobbrown89

    bobbrown89 Member

    The only app I really want on the Kindle Fire that is not on there is Gmail, the official Gmail app, and not have to go through the email client on the Fire.
  22. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Supposedly all the apps you can find in the Amazon Appstore can be found on the Fire. I think the need for the Market is next to nothing for most people if this is true.
  23. laslen

    laslen Member

    I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and ten-millionth this.

    Oh, the horror of trying to set up Gmail on an iPad.
    I have to say, it is the main detractor of that device...

    Other than the name. I suppose.
  24. laslen

    laslen Member

    I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and ten-millionth this.

    Oh, the horror of trying to set up Gmail on an iPad.
    I have to say, it is the main detractor of that device...

    Other than the name. I suppose.
  25. NYC Coyote

    NYC Coyote Well-Known Member

    I do want it unshackled.. I mean if the idea of just "get it from the amazon market" is the norm.. we would never root anything.. try other roms.. etc..

    may as well just move onto the iDevices

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