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signal bars stay white- can't log onto google talkSupport

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  1. rbrooks449

    rbrooks449 New Member

    I have a GZ'One Commando. I have been experiencing signal issues lately. The signal bars are staying white instead of green and I'm not outside my coverage.
    Since this has happened, I'm unable to log onto Google Talk which is one of my main ways to communicate. I press the Google Talk icon and the screen only blinks.

    Also, I have a warning showing internal phone storage is full. When I check the internal phone memory, it's not full. What gives??
    Any help with this would be appreciated.

  2. john58ford

    john58ford Well-Known Member

    Try a battery pull, then go through the dialer and make sure your Google account is selected and logged in, then settings. Network. Data. Gotta make sure your set up right. Good luck.

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