signal boost as a hotspot (epic)

  1. badkelly

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    i'm getting about 2 bars on average on 3G coverage. while we haven't tried it yet, we're wanting to drop our comcast internet and cable and use the phone as our hotspot internet connection and i figured i'd need more bars to carry a consistent signal. i was wondering if there was a way to increase the signal with some kind of external antenna.

  2. The only way is to get the Airave from sprint, but you need an internet connection. You usually have to pay for it, but if you complain to sprint that you have a bad signal they will usually get it to you for free.
  3. chawski

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    the air rave is not going to do any good at all. the air rave is only designed for voice and will have nothing to do with boosting the data. The reason for this is that the air rave is sold for people who do not get good signal in their house, but just about everyone has wifi or some type of internet in the house. I think youre gonna be pretty dissapointed if you plan on running the entire houses wifi off the phone
  4. I think the new Airave, it just came out a few weeks ago, actually does do data as well.
  5. shook187

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    Just a note I run my entire house (a one bedroom) off my phone. PS3 and laptop. I stream live video via NBA broadband package and surf the web at the same time all without a lag. Only catch is I'm on a 4g area and always have 3-4 bars of signal. Lucky me I guess.
  6. shook187

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  7. Stoney62

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    They didn't have any in stock when I called the local corp store a couple weeks ago. Guess I'll have to call them again. I've had an old one for over a year, and love being able to use my phone at home (zero bars without the airave) Forget about 4G here.:(
  8. buggerritt

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    I had the Airrave and it was a buggy, worthless pos. If you really want a good signal in home where you have bad coverage, look for a cellular repeater. You will have boost for voice and data. You won't have to pay a monthly fee. You don't have to have a computer to hook it up to. You just have to install it in your home. You can take it with you, when you move. Make sure you get one for at least your square footage. I would go over that by double or more (you want coverage in your yard, too). They are not inexpensive but, if you are going to use it for your internet, you'll be saving money, anyway. Just don't plan on downloading a bunch of large files. WiMax is nowhere near as fast as top tier cable and Sprint will notice how much bandwidth you are using.
  9. alestin

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    i have nothing but praise for my Airave. I got the second generation that does voice and 3G data.
    My house was getting 1 bar on average, so I complained to Sprint and I got it for free. Now I get 5-6 bars everywhere around the house, with no dropped or missed calls.
    My 3g data is also fast. I average around 1.7 -1.8 Mbps download using app.
  10. buggerritt

    buggerritt Well-Known Member

    This will not help the person who started this thread. He wants to drop his cable internet and use his phone as a wifi hotspot. Your Airave depends on an internet connection, for it to work, in the first place. 1.8Mbps does not compare to 16Mbit Comcast.

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