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  1. cartandpeg

    cartandpeg Member

    I have a Galaxy S2,since I have fitted a case cover made from polycarbonate I keep losing my signal strength,provider being Telstra.Take the cover off and I get at least three bars.Could anyone enlighten me on what the problem could be,would it be the case cover interfering with the signal or could it be pressure from the case cover against the antenna,not that I know where the antenna is located on the phone.
    Thank you.

  2. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    I never heard of problems with polycarbonate interfering with radio frequency. Plus, it seems unlikely, because surely someone at Samsung would have noticed this.

    However, there have been reports for many phones about the position of your hand while holding the phone. Your hand can definitely be an RF sink. So can your whole body, considering that it is two-thirds highly ionized water. I wonder if you hold the phone differently when the cover is off.
  3. cartandpeg

    cartandpeg Member

    Thanks for the reply John,I have taken the cover off since my post and have no problem retaining a signal,even when I hold the phone and move my hand around the phone I get no noticable signal loss hence why I thought the case might be putting some form of pressure on where the antenna may be.I rang Samsung and their advice was to change sim with another person who has different provider if that fails and signal loss
    is still there,take the phone back to where I purchased it from.Just an added note,with the case on I do not have to hold the phone no matter where I put it in the house signal loss happens,the only time I regain signal is when I go to settings and start to search for mobile networks
    Thank you.

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