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  1. shortarc

    shortarc Active Member

    Just looking for a little info.

    Does any know if the newer HTC phones have any better signal than the old Incredible? My contract will be up in about four months and trying to decide on what to get, I have really liked all things about my Inc. except the very weak antenna system or what ever it is that won't let it pull in a signal very well, my wifes Inc. has the same problem. If not guess I'll have to change brands.

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    IMO the incredible had better signal strength than most other phones (at least in my area). But I've read most of the reviews on the new htc phones and none of them stated that they were suffering from reception issues.

    Your best bet though, is to check out the forums for those phones on this site. If people are having problems with reception, I'm sure you'll see plenty of posts about it. :)
  3. shortarc

    shortarc Active Member

    This a quote from Phone Scoop review.

    "As a 3G device, the Rezound did OK, but fell short of excellent. Held side-by-side with other Verizon devices, it typically showed one bar less of coverage in any given location. It also showed a slightly higher propensity to drop calls. It dropped two during my tests, while another Verizon handset made calls from the same location without dropping them. Data speeds via 3G were typical for Verizon's network. "

    Doesn't sound like they have made any improvements.
  4. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Thought you were talking about the new htc one devices, rezound is old :p but the fact they used the signal bars to compare signal strength is the sign of a unknowlegdeable reviewer. Bars will always be different between phones, even phones of the same model. They should be comparing dBM levels. And network speeds should always "be typical of the Verizon network". Phone manufacturers can't boost Verizon's throughput speeds. I have a galaxy nexus and one of people major complaints is signal strength, but it can be very region dependent, I've personally never had a problem with dropped calls/low signal/no data etc... So in the end, you may just have to give the phone a try, Verizon gives you 15 (might be 30) days to try any phone out.

    But like I said, your best bet is to just start a thread in the forum for the phone you are interested and ask actual user's opinions on their experience. :)
  5. 91Firebirder

    91Firebirder Well-Known Member

    Carrier Coverage for Android Phones | That website may help as well. Its data from the carrier coverage app available on the market. It sends your signal information as well as device and carrier and gives a way for people to compare coverage based on phones, locations, and carriers. I have the app installed on my phone and have been using it since it was in beta and like the concept.

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