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Signal drops completely - HTC Desire SSupport

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  1. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    In all honesty I don't think any real blame can be laid at the feet of the network, this is mostly out of their expertise at any level of the company we would get near being exposed to. O2 in my experience at least have been fantastic.

    As far as email complaints go, let me put it this way - virtually no company is going to offer you anything they don't have to and will cost them money without any pressure being placed on them. An email can be sent around the houses and they'll make a decision at their leisure, which they'll trust you'll accept because in the same way, there's no immediate pressure from you rejecting it.

    If you speak to someone, every second they're not saying "yes okay, we will replace your phone" is time they have to think of something else to say to appease you. Your goal is to make sure they cave in before you do.

    If all else does fail, I have no problem going through the downgrading with you.

  2. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    o2 are still sending version 1.31 out as replacements. well that was week before last, so its anyones guess if you will still get that earlier version, and correct no black ones, but teal ones i had x2. but you will get email sync issues as i and my friend encountered, i didnt notice until he mentioned it.
  3. eddyodwyer

    eddyodwyer New Member

    since my phone is havign the same issues, i've been reading this thread for a week or two with nothing to add, but today i spoke to o2 and they have told me there's a new software version coming out on the 27/9/11

    although they apparently werent aware of this particular issue (until i told him how to use google), hopefully the fix will be included.

    in the meantime they've given me a months free line rental and told me if it doesnt fix on the 27th with the new software, call back & we'll try & sort a new phone.

    lets keep fingers crossed for the next 12 days!
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  4. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Really interesting news on the software front, thanks for passing it on to us. I wonder what the upgrade will entail and whether it has anything to do with fixing these issues.. two weeks until we find out I guess.

    Incidentally to my knowledge, those who've downgraded already should be able to upgrade to this latest version if they choose. Whether they'll be able to downgrade again straight away though will depend on exactly what's new that gets pushed through.
  5. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    Yep fingers crossed for the new update! I guess this would most likely be an O2 branded HTC update so the other networks and unbranded phones will also get it around the same time? I can't understand why HTC wouldn't want to let people know about a new update to fix this issue, seems to be affecting a lot of users.
  6. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    This indeed would be good news;

    1. If it does materialise.

    2. If it actually fixes all these problems we are suffering with.

    But in the mean time we are all still having to suffer with phones that don't work.
  7. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Additional good news is that if the new release is only the unbranded one and the O2 one will take months more to past testing/branding etc, there's a way of getting that onto your phone instead. But let's cross that bridge when if/we come to it.
  8. billy06

    billy06 Member

    recieved a replacement DS today its black and has on it
  9. mike2777

    mike2777 Active Member

    NOT me, i'll be keeping my downgraded software as it is, as at least I know that everything works as it should lol, not gonna push my luck :)
  10. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    It would be nice if someone from either O2 or HTC could definitely confirm that this new software update will be coming out on the 27/09/2011.

    As at the moment it is just "hear say" and they may have just said this date to (eddyodwyer) just to try and fob him off ?

    On a side note;
    There needs to be an official way to get problems and solutions logged on a providers website. That is visible to everyone and that the providers can acknowledge and post up what is happening to get them resolved.

    Doing this will stop us being left in the dark, and customers can see what problems are being experienced by other customers and what the providers are doing to rectify the problems with regular updates?

  11. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    I don't think that's likely to happen and I can understand why. What company in its right mind is going to officially publicise a list of issues it has? It'd be a PR disaster, even for and in fact especially for any company brave enough to do it and actually fix those issues. As HTC themselves said (but very poorly communicated) they can read forums but can't trust them as an official source.

    Technological companies are especially vulnerable to the fact that there'll be some people who think they have broken phones or issues when in fact they're just using them wrongly and/or don't understand how they work. If you have a company whose products are popular, that's even more likely to be the case and you'll have those people in greater numbers. So you'd end up with a larger, public list of issues that might not even be issues at all, which everyone would take to mean that product has the greatest number of faults, and all because that company was trying to be helpful and proactive.

    That's why forums like this are a godsend compared to recent years where we'd all be none the wiser, and why any company wanting to protect their investment - rightly or wrongly - would rather they didn't exist and certainly wouldn't want to endorse an official list of problems.

    I think HTC's current setup in principle is the right one (frontline staff logging and compiling calls, to be escaled to technical folk) but it appears to be very badly implemented and managed from both a resolution and communication point of view.
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  12. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    Thanks to schnide's excellent instructions I am "downgraded" and have a working Desire-S again, and the iTwat can go back in the desk drawer where it belongs.

    Adding to the comments above, my phone was looked at by Delivering customised after-sales solutions - ANOVO whi seem to fix every electronic gadget under the sun, hardly surprising they bounce stuff as No Fault Found, when detailed fault instruction is replaced with 'no Signal'
  13. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    @schnide Would it be possible to put these downgrading instructions on the forum, maybe in a pdf? Obviously with a disclaimer so you take no responsibility for bricks. Would be easier than talking to everyone personally.
  14. Takayanagi

    Takayanagi New Member

    Hi all,

    Like many others I stumbled across the topic when I started googling for info about the issue I was having with my new HTC Desire S. Ever since it upgraded to, I've had the same issue with the signal dropping out after periods of leaving the phone inactive. Almost every morning I'll unlock the screen after sleeping and see the X on my signal meter.

    Like others I'm on o2. I chatted to them on their live chat but wasn't able to get much advise. The person only said "great, it's still on warranty so we can get it returned" to which I said I didn't want to as I know the problem won't get fixed. He said the returns & repair team will contact me.

    I'm pretty disgruntled as I need this phone to work properly right now as I'm job hunting and don't want a prospective employer to end up on my answer machine. This all in the same week that I downgraded my o2 broadband package from my legacy pro onto the gimped all rounder that doesn't let me download updates for my game cause its p2p ~.~
  15. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, whenever I've offered to help there are disclaimers :)

    But my concern is that (aside from legal issues, just in case) would be to allow this to be some kind of safe haven not for Desire S users but also HTC, or at least whoever else has the real responsibility of sorting this out.

    I don't know how many people will be reading this thread without registering or commenting, but I would imagine there's more than those who have. If they come here and downgrade without ever telling HTC and/or their network that there's a problem, HTC and the networks have no pressure or incentive to sort it out.

    Additionally, there'll be users who may be left without warranty (although the process IS potentially reversible) for when a non-related fault develops, and this process will be responsible for HTC denying them any kind of after service.

    That, on top of the fact that I'm not qualified in all this in anyway except for having been in the same boat..


    I've now posted full instructions lower down this thread, or alternatively can be linked to here:

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  16. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    That's a very good point, well made! I've emailed HTC about the possible software update, not expecting a helpful reply though.
  17. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    The information you're asking for has been posted a number of times in this forum and on this site by a few people, including myself. See here for the latest. And don't forget the Desires S - All Things Root sub-forum.

    Should you want to check things out for yourself, XDA-Developers is the best place for the latest information regarding rooting, ROMs and RUUs and what to do with them.
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  18. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    Thanks notebook, I had already seen quite a bit about the Revolutionary software but mostly it was about rooting for custom roms which isn't something I wanted to do, then again having gone s-off it's not much of a leap to custom roms. Must resist tinkering!!
  19. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the support there notebook, really appreciate that. We'll have HTC trembling in their boots now!

    Well, since that's been rendered useless and if it's a choice of following your links or some more friendly instructions where they don't have to root, let's go with what I've been sending to people then.

    Instructions to Downgrade the HTC Desire S

    Before you undertake this procedure, be aware of the following:

    - Although it is possible to return your phone to a state which is likely to appear to the network that you have not done so, you will temporarily at least invalidate your warranty

    - You perform this at your own risk. Although it is a relatively simple process, you're undertaking actions outside of those expected of you as an end user and any damage you do, unlikely as it is, is your own responsibility

    - O2 users: This procedure works for you too, the only exception being that you will lose your speed dial #1 to your voicemail. This will be set to 123 rather than 901 and, to my knowledge, cannot be changed. This is because O2 are owned by Telefonica, a Spanish company. No-one else appears to have picked this up, but I promise you that your phone will not be in Spanish and you will otherwise not notice any difference. Outside of this caveat, your phone should be returned to perfect working condition.

    Once you have accepted all this, then by performing these actions your phone will be downgraded and to a normal, reported working state with no visible differences.

    So here's some basic terminology to ease you in. Now real tech-heads will probably correct me on this, but this is my understanding and it's got me through:

    S-ON / S-OFF - Your phone is currently protected from having its software written to by being S-ON. Up until recently, all HTC phones were supplied in an S-ON state. We need to make your phone S-OFF and remove this protection to downgrade the software.

    Rooting - This is when you gain access to the core software of the phone and you will see this mentioned in the guide you'll follow. HOWEVER you will not root your phone. This is just for your reference and understanding.

    RUU - Remote Update Utility, containing an official release of the software. Your phone is protected by S-ON from this being allowed to be used. So if you've been paying attention to what we've said so far, you may have worked out what we're going to do is..

    ..make your phone S-OFF to allow us to run the RUU. Below is a video I used at one point which was kindly sent to me as well. I did think about writing up a pure list of instructions but if you have a video to follow, you can visually see what needs to be done and make sure yours matches up. However, the video isn't perfect or exactly what you need to do, so I've made additional notes for you.

    Read through these instructions twice before you carry out a single action. Follow the video where appropriate, pausing and replaying AT ANY TIME you don't understand. It's actually all straightforward, but given how dangerous you've been told this is, you won't believe that and nor should you just to be safe :)

    1) Turn off your phone.

    2) This is the video you'll be using:

    How to S-Off and Root the HTC Desire S [HD] - A step-by-step tutorial - YouTube

    (Start taking notice at 00:35, the rest is just filler)

    3) At 1:14, make a note of whether your phone says 0.98.0000 or 0.98.0002.

    Note: If you have trouble getting to this screen and it just boots normally, try taking the battery out, leaving it for 30 seconds, reinserting it and then go again.

    4) If when you get to this stage your phone says S-OFF instead of S-ON (which is VERY unlikely) then stop as you'll only have to run the RUU but there will be other steps you have to complete similar to several in here but that's not the focus of this guide.

    5) By 2:10 when he says to uninstall HTC Sync, you may not have it installed, in which case obviously don't worry.

    6) At 4:00 in, make sure you do get your serial number and not your IMEI number or anything else, and copy it exactly.

    7) At 4:05 when you generate the key, keep it open and handy and notice whether any zeroes are actually letter O's and vice versa. The best way to do it is copy the key, making sure you don't capture any leading or trailing spaces, and then right click -> paste when you come to entering the code in the later, relevant stage.

    8) At 4:35 the video will gloss over something you need to do but you will go to:

    Menu > Settings > Applications > Development

    ..and enable USB Debugging.

    9) It wouldn't hurt to check again that Fast Boot is disabled:

    Settings > Power > Fast Boot

    10) Copy everything that he does up until 6:53. He will root from this point onwards - we don't need to, so stop watching!

    11) Go to this page:

    [ROM]Shipped Desire S ROM Collection - xda-developers

    ..and read down the list until you see an entry for your network - look for the third word in each emboldened line. Download that file.

    12) If your phone is connected to the PC, then take out the cable, wait a second and reconnect, and choose Disk Drive.

    13) Run the file you just downloaded. Follow only EXACTLY as it says. If it sits waiting to recognise the phone but never does, cancel it, try enabling USB Debugging again as in no. 8 earlier and go again.

    14) Assuming it then runs, be patient. Don't touch it until it looks like it's finished and your phone is back into the initial setup mode. If it looks like you're stuck on the white HTC screen, just leave it. It probably isn't stuck, it just takes ages. The most you should need to do at this stage is unlock it briefly using the power button if it goes to sleep.

    And at the end of it all, you'll basically be up and running on the old software.

    Now I have to stress, that without having your phone in front of me and performing these actions, I cannot guarantee that this will work with whatever you do to follow it. Again, you undertake this at your own risk. However, this has worked for four people now with no failures. Reporting that you've had success or adding Thanks wouldn't go amiss.

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any problems so that we can keep this thread to reporting people with the issue and any progress in getting it officially resolved. If there are any corrections that need to be made to the above for the benefit of other users, then I'll do so over time.
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  20. eddyodwyer

    eddyodwyer New Member

    agreed, IF it materialises, happy days, otherwise they've already quite clearly told me to get straight back onto them to discuss a replacement. (hopefully they've noted that on their systems, otherwise i'll be sending them to find the recorded call, haha)

    but yes, more importantly, they said they werent aware of the problem or the reason for the update (which they said was called 'mango' - who knows why) but 'perhaps it was to solve the issues i'm (we're) having'

    admittedly, its not a massively satisfactory response since in teh meantime our phones dont work, but the fact remains o2 and htc are aware of the issue (depending who you speak to), so one would like to think its the reason for the new version. at some point we have to trust them to try & fix this...
  21. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    Sounds like they're getting confused with the Windows Phone update called Mango.
  22. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    There's no point in trying to control and protect information on rooting and flashing ROMs from escaping a thread when it's already in the public domain.
  23. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Mango on an Android phone? Those O2 gurus really know their stuff.
  24. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    This may interest a few here.

    An official HTC radio/baseband version for the Desire S has been leaked - version Fingers crossed, it's likely to appear in an FOTA in the not to distant future.

    Edit: Should have added that some are saying this fixes their signal loss problems.
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  25. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    So that's from the Android 2.3.5 ROM with sense 3.0, I wonder how long that will take to become official. Does the Desire S have the hardware to support sense 3.0, I thought HTC had said it wouldn't run on single core phones.

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