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  1. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    starman316 - MORE OF THIS! It's only by getting people to take a look at it that there's a chance this will get fixed. O2 have lots of call centres so it may well be that the specific individuals hadn't heard of it. However, you can see from my experience that it has been reported.

    It's exactly the same case with HTC. I dealt with Adam at O2 and Rob at HTC. I plan on calling HTC later to speak rather than chat to someone.

    Can I clarify something - you mentioned:

    "i said about having my phone software downgraded and explained i could see it returned again with the same issue" you mean you'd expect the problems to remain even if you had the software downgraded, or did I read that wrong?

  2. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    i could see it being returned to them again if mainboard replaced, as 1.47. 206.2 would be put back on as its the latest etc.

    they offered downgrade of fw but said would charge
  3. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    Just had a new replacement Desire S from O2 with FW

    and i now have calls when 3g is enabled, so its deffo latest FW update of 1.47 206.2 thats the issue

    So I am not going to update now. I will wait the outcome from HTC
  4. billy06

    billy06 Member

    ok my DS is back, various parts replaced! main board being one of them x2, all ok no scratches etc is now back to and working as it did before the 47 update , its asking to install the 47 update to which i refused, i contacted HTC to ask if i should do the update or not, explaining that it was the update that caused the problems to start with, he told me "there is a know issue with that version" i replied that on several forums it is mentioned not just with the version but other versions he replied yes each network has a different version number , i then mentioned the starman 316 had his returned with a fresh flash of 47 and it still had the same issues , so that makes me think thats is a 47 rom issue and not a coruption during the update, i then asked why my mainboard was replaced? was there a componant that did not work well with the 47 update(maybe a voltage tollerance) would this be across all DS or a certain batch? to which the line went quiet after 3 mins i hung up.
    called back waiting for a ring back from the persion i spoke to the first time.

    now on my parts replaced list the mainboard is listed twice at the start and the end, so has my device had 2 boards? maybe board replaced flashed with 47 tested still faulty board replaced again? JUST A THEORY!
    also why replace the mainboard? thay were aware the starman316 had his returned with 47 on and was still faulty why not just return mine with 31 on?
  5. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    This may assist you when contacting your network or HTC. Give them this URL:

    General Signal drops completely - HTC Desire S - Android Forums

    (Hover over the link itself to see it, it's a TinyURL link and is easier to remember and repeat)

    It redirects to here, and is easy to remember if you're away from your computer. I gave something similar to Adam at O2.

    Should HTC not wish to do anything about these issues, I would be more than happy to post this link on the very popular sites such as HotUKDeals whenever the Desire S or any other HTC product gets listed and explain how HTC behave in regards to customer service.

    I am already aware now that I have been missing calls because of this issue and that is absolutely not acceptable.
  6. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Quick update on trying another SIM card in the HTC
    to see if the problem still occurs. (both SIMS are O2-UK)

    I can confirm that the same problem still occurs
    with the signal dropping out, using another SIM card
    in the HTC Desire S phone.

    As a comparison I put my original SIM into my old Nokia N95 phone
    and sat it side by side next to my HTC and when the HTC completely
    dropped the signal. i.e. "no service" the Nokia was displaying
    full signal strength! (see image below)


    After the signal dropped out, I then switched the original
    SIM card back into the HTC and put the other SIM card into
    my Nokia. Then observed again, and the signal strength currently
    only shows 2 bars on the HTC and full signal strength on the
    Nokia. (see image below)


    Sorry about the blurry images, but I had someone else take the picture
    on his camera phone and they didn’t focus properly.
  7. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    I called HTC a little while ago. Very little joy on there.. he basically said that they escalate to the development team, and when it becomes more of an issue for people they fix it quicker. Not helpful. I understand their point of view.. but not helpful.

    The only other theory he came up with was that the software is fine but their was a small fault in our phones which meant it couldn't accept or run the software properly. That did sound feasible, given that not all the Desire S' in the world seem to be having this issue from the lack of awareness about this, but still doesn't get my phone taking calls.

    So the options for now seem to be:

    a) Rely on HTC to fix this
    b) Get a replacement from O2
    c) Downgrade the software

    That's in ascending order of likelihood for me.
  8. o2adam

    o2adam New Member

    Hey guys.
    Just letting you know, in my personal time :D, that i have raised the issue internally (internally within o2 ofcourse)! I have communicated that there seems to be problems with the latest software update for the HTC Desire S that basically blocks out calls when idle and just general coverage problems overall. I have requested feedback on this case to find out what will come of this and i also suggested that we speak to HTC to try and liase with them and discover where the issue lies once and for all.

    For those of you that are on o2 and providing you are within warranty, may i suggest that you speak to the returns and repairs department (usually done by speaking to customer services first or by trying 0870 600 3009:confused:) regarding a FOC repair. As far as im concerned, if the repair team AKA Anovo cant fix the issue, which evidence supports its the software, then o2 would replace the phone and more than likely invoice HTC for it. Which also as far as im aware would not come with the latest version of software and the problems will be done with... for now!!

    I also didnt have much luck with HTC either but i appreciate the efforts of the consumer community for going that extra mile and exploring all options before spamming the customer service line with the issue.

    If i get a moment to breathe these days ill let you all know what my findings are unless i am sworn to secrecy (which is usually the case :D).

    Over and Out!!
  9. billy06

    billy06 Member

    many thanks o2adam for taking the time to post we look forward to any info you find out
  10. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    Thanks Adam, would you mind keeping us updated on here please??
    mine was sent back to O2 in the end, i got one with the older version and No i am not going to update!!

    Thanks Again
  11. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Firstly I would like to thank Adam for posting and reading this forum, it is
    great to see that people in O2 care enough to take time
    (especially their personal tilme), to help us out.

    Now for my update ;)

    Ok I bit the bullet last night and decided to do a "Factory Reset" on my
    phone, to see if that would help me keep a more stable signal. So I am
    now going to be monitoring what's happening on my phone throughout today.

    It was a bit of a pain doing the factory reset, as I then had to re setup
    and personalize my phone again, but after about 2hrs of setting up emails
    and importing contact I am almost there. I just have to re enter all my
    Calendar events back into the phone as I could not find a way to save them.

    One good thing tho was that all my apps reloaded themselves back onto
    the phone so I did not have to reinstall them :eek:

    Anyway I will let you know how I get on with the signal today.

    HTC have said that if there still is a problem that they would send a
    courier out to pick up my phone to then have a look at it.
    My question is should I be going direct to HTC to get this done or
    should I go through O2 as I have my contract with them.
    Just want to make sure I am going to do it correctly.

  12. Plympool

    Plympool Member

    I'm currently experiencing the same problems with my HTC Desire S (and have been for over a week now).

    Since applying the recent software update, I have found that my phone loses network coverage overnight, resulting in no service first thing in the morning. I am then unable to reconnect to my network (O2) even though it is listed as available (restarting the phone allows me to connect). I also discovered yesterday that I am experiencing the problem where my phone won't ring when it is connected to HSDPA and the display is off.

    I've been in discussions with O2 and HTC, but nothing that has been suggested has worked so far - I've tried doing a factory reset and switching the phone configuration from WCDMA to GSM auto (PRL).

    When I tested the sim in a different phone, I didn't experience the lose of network coverage in the morning.

    Going to see if my local O2 shop can help this weekend. If not, the phone will be going to HTC for repair.
  13. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    [I've posted this in a separate but related thread.]

    This was first reported on this forum on 9th May, long before any update was available, which means the problem could be either dormant in the hardware or software for those experience problems post-update. Or, perhaps, this problem existed on phones before the update, but people have only noticed it afterwards. Such problems are also reported occurring after the non-branded update (1.47.401.4).

    For O2 users who experience these problems after the update, there are a few positive reports that installing the earlier ROM solves the problem. However, I've yet to see any reports of O2 installing earlier versions of the ROM on phones sent in for repair.

    And have you read this post, especially what the HTC technician said? It's a similar issue, although with 2G rather than 3G.
  14. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    With all due respect notebook, unless all of us on this thread are completely mistaken this has been happening to all of us here since the latest firmware update, and we're pretty clear on that.

    So although you have experienced similar issues in the past, I don't think the symptoms are necessarily identical and therefore necessarily from the same cause. As we're so sure the latest update has caused the issue, I think it's important that HTC (and O2, and other networks if necessary) specifically look at these issues separately rather than them be dismissed as general faults - which they very much don't appear to be.

    It may well be something purely to do with providing an update to the phone, or a limited number of phones, regardless of which update it is, but at this point we can't be sure on our own. In the meantime.. our phones still don't work.
  15. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Notebook, thanks for the links to the other posts.

    But this does not help the problem I am having with the
    signal dropping out (this happens even when i am not
    using the phone / internet). i.e. I get the small 'x' next
    to the bars, and no service.

    I can confirm that while observing my phone today
    after doing a "Factory Reset", at 12:00 I looked at my
    phone and it once again has dropped the signal.

    Therefore doing a "Factory Reset", does not cure the problem
    as it is still there.

    I have now done another "Factory Reset" and have kept the
    phone as is.. i.e. without loading any apps, or changing any
    settings to see what happens. I will post up later my findings.

    It is looking more and more likely that I will have to get HTC
    to pick up my phone so they can have a look at it.

    If I get them to pick it up, should I take out the SIM and SD
    cards and keep these with me until they return the phone.
    Or would they require these left in the phone?
  16. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    The problem would appear to be firmware related*, but not necessarily connected to the update. The update could have merely uncovered a fault that exists on the original ROM or hardware (and not just on 02 phones). Which is why O2 users may wish to be careful when accepting a new phone with the old ROM - unless it's been tested, you may find yourself with the same problem.

    *normal man has confirmation from HTC that it is a firmware issue. He's on T-Mobile and experiencing a very similar problem.

    @solorize I doubt there's going to be a simple fix or work-around you can do for yourself with this problem. Currently, the only legitimate option is to send your phone back to O2, but ensuring it comes back with the earlier ROM. Other people have rooted their phone and flashed to the old ROM to get rid of this problem, but that invalidates the warranty.

    Your carrier will have instructions on how to return a phone for repair. Generally, before sending your phone for repair, you should back-up your data, then remove the SIM and SD cards. You need to keep a hold of these for several reasons, not least because there's information on your SIM and SD card that's confidential (i.e. your accounts), which might get wiped, lost or stolen. Also, in the meantime, you may want to use them in another phone.
  17. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Notebook, thanks for the info.

    Currently I am talking direct to HTC via their global
    contactUs System and they have said that they can
    arrange to get my phone collected to be looked at.

    Obviously at the moment the person at HTC I am
    liaising with knows all the full details of the problem
    I am having. Where as I have not yet spoken with
    anyone from O2. Therefore would it cause me problems
    with O2 if I ended up sending my phone direct to HTC
    to without O2 knowing about it?

    Has anyone else gone direct to HTC to try and get
    their problem sorted rather than going to their carrier?
  18. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Just took a look at my phone and low and behold
    I have no signal again :(



    Looks like I will definetly be sending off next week
    to see if someone can sort this out.

    Just need confirmation on my previous post on who to send it
    to O2 or HTC directly.

    I guess I will have to pop my SIM back into my N95 until this problem
    gets fixed.
  19. marvin123

    marvin123 Well-Known Member

    Why do you all have your internet connection on when just using the phone to receive and make phone calls. I only turn my internet facility on when browsing. I therefore only have the bars showing on my phone, normally.
  20. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    Because that's what the phone is supposed to do. When I'm not able to connect via wifi, I use the mobile data connection, so my phone is always connected to the internet.

    If you're a salesperson, company rep or any other sort of worker travelling up and down the country or out of the office, the most convenient way to get emails, sync appointments, access company databases or use the internet is going to be with your smartphone. And while you're doing that, you want your smart phone to still be a phone and be able to receive calls.

    For a lot of people and companies, this kind of problem loses time and money - missed calls means missed sales and opportunities, frustrated clients, and colleagues and secretaries wanting to know why you're not answering the phone.


    I don't know the answer to that. But, as your contract is with O2, I'd call them to make sure whatever you do is okay with them. You may also have extra safeguards with O2 than with HTC.
  21. marvin123

    marvin123 Well-Known Member

    Well I guess that explains that, then. Thank goodness I left the business world, with very early retiremen,t in 1994 before the smartphone took over our lives and put such stresses into our lives!
    Phew, you make it sound all so exhausting and stresed out. But what on earth do you use for power? Even my HTC Desire S, bought as a 'boys toy', eats battery even fitted with a Mugen 1800mAh battery. I presume you have a car charger and mains chargers that you can use even for brief moments when you stop off somewhere?
  22. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    I have sent an email off to O2 via this page to see what they suggest.

    I got an automated reply back which asked me to supply some further
    details, which I filled out and sent back, along with my original email.

    One strange thing was that the email said
    But the footer note at the bottom of the same email states
    So now I am unsure if I will get a reply :confused:

    If I don't hear anything back then I may have to pop into my
    local O2 shop and see if they can help.

    I wanted to do it via email as I could refer them to this forum, so
    they can see the various problems this latest Software version
    is causing. I guess I will just have to wait and see if I get a reply.
  23. Plympool

    Plympool Member

    After visiting my local O2 shop, they have taken my HTC Desire S in for repair (sim card and sd card removed).

    Fingers crossed it comes back working properly.
  24. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    This morning I decided to take a trip to mylocal O2 store with regards
    to my phone problem.

    When I got there I told them I tried it with another SIM and did
    three Factory Resets and the promlem was still there.
    I also made mention that other people had the same problem,
    and it would probably need the software downgraded to

    She then said I would need to do a Factory Reset, which I explained
    I had already done that three times, so she then confirmed it would
    need to go off for repair.

    So she typed in the discription of the problem and took my phone,
    minus the SIM and SD card, and gave me a Repair Recept.

    Once I got back home, I noticed that she had entred the information
    wrongly on my recipt, as it stated that I had "Total" loss of signal since updating the
    phone to software !!! :eek: ( when it should have said 1.47 206.2),
    as well as it should have said "Intermittent" signal loss, not "Total" signal loss!

    So I ended up drving back to the O2 shop to let them know.
    But when she tried to change the info it would not let her save
    the changes without cancelling and re-doing it all again.
    So I suggested that she send my hand written notes I had made
    (explaining in detail the problem), along with the phone and the
    receipt, so hopefully the repair engineer could look at that, otherwise
    I could end up getting the phone back with the same 1.47 206.2
    software back on it.

    Also as it was stated on her discription that there was "Total" signal loss
    and not intermittent, the repair engineer could put a SIM in the phone and
    the phone would more than likely show a signal. Therefore
    they could think that there is no problem, unless they know that
    the signal loss is intermittent.

    Fingerscrossed it comes back with the old software put back on
    and all in working order!!

    I just have a nagging feeling that it will come back with 1.47 206.2
    still on it:rolleyes:
  25. Filler1959

    Filler1959 New Member

    I have all the problems with my Desire S that are reported here, since the update. My phone also kept freezing. To cut a long story short, I did the factory re-set then had the phone "repaired" by O2. The connection problem still remains.

    But I have found a way to temporarily fix this without switching the phone off: If I disable the internet connection from the settings menu, then dial my own number (guess what? I get engaged tone!), I can then re-enable the internet connection and it all works again - until the next time.

    I rue the day I installed the update and have advised others not to do so. I also have an open ref. with HTC on this - they have advised me to do a SIM swap, but I guess from reading this thread that it won't make any difference...

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