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Signal drops completely - HTC Desire SSupport

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  1. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    These are questions you should be asking the store. This thread should where possible focus on reporting issues with the phone and getting it solved.

    If it helps though, I was told this week that O2 Online (stores are different) don't have any black Desire S' left in stock and was offered either a refurbished black one or a new blue one. If you're an instore customer it might be different.

  2. clubber1974

    clubber1974 New Member

    first post as I found this thread via Google.

    I have a desire s that's exhibiting the signal drop issue after the firmware upgrade to

    That said my DS works fine in areas with strong signal but in weaker areas it'll drop out and not return.

    I'm on T-mobile/Orange

    I have noticed that with the DS aerial being in the battery cover, taking it off (so breaking the aerial connection) and replacing it sometimes solves the problem.
  3. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    Its a shame O2 dont withdraw the faulty firmware! so to stop people downloading it, but i cant see that ever happening, my concern is now I have a replacement DS on the stock firmware, it keeps bugging me to update ! shall i??? i thinks not

    Sorry to see others a facing the same issue, I had a battle with HTC, motherboard replacement was the only solution they said! but since learnt even with that it doesnt solve the issue

    id had enough, id sent my phone in for this issue, and it was sent back in a "all ok" box, and it had the same issue!

    in the end i had a replacement from O2, but am now not keen on keeping the phone. do you trust further updates??

    as for signal strength, i live in a good indoor covered HSPDA (3G) area, and still my desire on 1.47 206.2 had the poor signal no signal issue

    so it made no difference where u had the phone located, since having replacement stock fw ds, my signal is stable and doesnt keep flipping in and out of signal like the previous one

    good luck peeps
  4. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member


    If I remember correctly there is a setting where you can turn ON and OFF
    software update notification.

    If my memory serves me well, I think it is under:

    Settings -> About Phone -> Software -> ?

    As I don't have the phone with me yet I can't be 100%
    of the location, (someone else my be able to help you locate it further)
    but there is definitely an option to do it.
  5. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    cheers :) i sorted that after it nagged
  6. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Nice work solorize, impressive memory!

    The bottom line at present for anyone coming to this thread is as follows if you're experiencing these problems:

    1) HTC are beginning to recognise that the problem exists, but as yet have not responded with a fix. It is unknown if they are going to provide one.
    2) At present, do NOT have your phone sent away for 'repair'. They will NOT identify or fix the problem - they'll replace your motherboard assuming it's a hardware problem. Your phone will come back with an 'all clear' and still have the same errors. Still call HTC and log an error report, citing this forum as mentioned previously for other people with the same problem. Also report it to your network in the same way.
    3) Only the previous software version appears to fix the problem. You have to invalidate your warranty to do this, and although fairly straightforward it is at your own risk. The ironic thing is that, without any real fix from HTC, you are either keeping your warranty for a phone that doesn't work or invalidating it to get a phone that does!
    4) So alternatively, if you can and it will take some sweet talking and/or pressure, get your network to send you a replacement phone which does NOT have the latest software on it.

    In the meantime, it might well be recommended that you do not suggest to your friends to buy a HTC device. In the short term it might be pressure on HTC to defend their reputation by fixing our phones. If not, then in the long term, you are protecting your friends from bad customer service and failing equipment.

    Anyone with any later information than this would be very welcome to post it here.
  7. Plympool

    Plympool Member

    According to the O2 Repair Tracking website my phone has been repaired and is on its way back to me. Unfortunately, the Job Fault is described as "System Hang at booting", which is a new problem to me as the issues I actually reported were overnight lose of network connection and incoming calls going to voicemail when phone is in sleep mode with hsdpa enabled.

    Have a horrible feeling the phone will be going straight back to O2 :(
  8. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

  9. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    The first link is a thread I started but there was no response from O2.

    The second I linked to earlier in this thread.

    Here's a third, which funnily enough I found looking for something else but shows yet another example of the fault:

    Strange problem with Speed Dial - xda-developers
  10. pagepack

    pagepack Member

    A friend was having similar issues with their desire s. Her problem was it would lose the signal under the rotherhithe tunnel, and wouldn't 'refind' a signal once out of the tunnel. She had to turn the phone off and on and the phone was fine. She read this thread on Money saving expert site and decided to try it out. Its about the Desire model, but the test log in is the same.

    HTC desire connection problems and battery issues - I found the solution - Page 2 - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums

    Post 33 has the relevant information. Anyway after changing the phone settings to GSM auto (PRL) from WCDMA Preferred, the phone now reconnects to the network. I should add she's on T Mobile network.

    I should add I have not tried this, and cannot vouch for it, and you change settings at your own risk.
  11. billy06

    billy06 Member

  12. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    I like the pictures billy06! It's just a shame they have to exist in the first place.

    If I were you, don't stand for this sh*t any more. It's unlikely they'll fix it (although it'll be interesting to see how if they do). Demand a new phone at this stage. Also, stomp and shout and make it clear to people as high up the chain as you can that you will publicly denounce HTC and tell everyone on every forum you have access to that HTC have shoddy products and sub-standard 'repair' services. Don't just speak to the technicians. Call marketing. This is how bad reputations for products start, and it's up to HTC to end it.
  13. Just signed up to say thanks for this thread.

    I was having all these problems with my DS and armed with the info from this thread returned my phone to the o2 high street shop.

    Within 4 days (inc weekend) o2 have replaced the phone with a new one with the old firmware installed with no issues.

    I spoke with the o2 'in store guru' who confirmed that o2 are aware of the issue and advised me to disable updates. He also said o2 will 'make it known' when a new safe update was aware.

    I suggest that if you purchased your phone through o2 themselves you take it back in to them. They obviously are aware of the issue but as he said to me, would never publicly acknowledge that fact.

    Thanks again for the info on this thread - it certainly helped to resolve my problem 100%.
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  14. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Thats good to know that word has gotten around to the O2 staff and
    they acknowledge there is a problem.

    I wonder how they will 'make it known' to people when a safe update is
  15. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Indeed, although it's no guarantee that all stores will have heard about it. I guess we'll find out in time.

    I think it's very unlikely that HTC, O2 or any of the other networks would publically announce there is an issue so will be hoping that the problem is limited to a number of phones - and we don't yet know that's not the case. So they will most likely fix them if/when a software fix becomes available by rolling out a software update universally, and those who've never experienced the problems will never see or know any difference.
  16. marvin123

    marvin123 Well-Known Member

    No wanting to appear self righteous but aren't I glad I have a policy of not updating, in general. Some will think I'm stupid but hey, I don't care.
    I bought my phone on O2's PAYG and would have been in a right pickle if I had effed it up.:eek:
  17. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    Just signed in to say thanks, O2 have been totally useless on this, can't get them on the phone and the email support people just say goto a shop, not something I really wanted to do but it was the only way to get this resolved.

    Shop staff knew nothing of the issue, the phone has gone back with a very detailed explanation gleamed from this thread (of which I have also made them aware)

    Hopefully they have replacements in stock still, really unimpressed with the way O2 have handled this and will be making a formal complaint once resolved.
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  18. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    You've said this three times now in the same thread. I think we get your point and those willing to learn from your lesson can do so - for now we should focus on how to fix the situation for those in it.
  19. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    If you're an online customer then for those on pay monthly at least, and possibly PAYG as well, call 202 and press the following options:

    2 to say you're dialling from the phone in question
    Then 3 to get technical support
    Then 0 to speak to an operator

    They'll ask you to confirm your mobile number, whether you're the account holder, your name and your password. Save yourself time on the phone by giving it to them before they ask. Sadly, I know this entire process now from memory.
  20. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    I can't believe it :( I went and picked up my phone today expecting a new phone as the O2 "Repair Tracking System" stated that the status was: Exchanged under warranty.

    But when I got there I had my original phone given back to me along with a note from the O2 repair center stating the following:

    now for the most shocking bit !!!!


    And low an behold, guess what software version I now have on my phone........ yes you have guest correctly,, which was the reason that my phone messed up in the 1st place :mad:

    I can see forsee that the same problem will still be there, so more than likely I will have to take another trip to my O2 store to send it off again.

    I will monitor my signal over the next couple of days to see "if by magic" the replacement curcuit board makes any difference and will let you all know.

    Before I left the O2 store I made mention to the chap serving me that there are a lot of people with the same problem I had, to which he acknowleged the fact.

    I just hope that this does not carry on and on and someone sorts out an updated software that corrects all these problems.
  21. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    The ineptitude of O2 support is staggering, it is almost as if they do it deliberately.
  22. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    For anyone thinking of sending off their phone now then in light of the above I can only repeat the following:

    "3) Sending the phone off for repair does not solve the issue; the phone comes back with a replaced motherboard and/or has been factory reset.
    4) O2 (or indeed other network) stores are very, very unlikely to fix the issue. The stores are very much sales-orientated and very often not technical at all. More importantly, they are not centralised so will not have heard of this issue before [Edit: Word now may be spreading out to stores but this again may well be store specific]. They will send you to [previous steps mentioned] assuming they understand the issue at all. Your best option in going to a store is to have the phone swapped for a new one."

    Please think about this - how is a generalist engineer from a network, not even someone who built the phone or wrote the branded software, going to single handedly determine what the problem is? They're going to follow generalist steps, which ordinarily do solve problems with faulty phones, switch it on and send it straight back. We already know they won't (and can't) spend days testing it and we know they won't care whether you get a phone back that other people have had their hands on.

    HOWEVER all evidence so far suggests we do NOT have faulty phones in the first place. The evidence suggests it is the software. So if you send your phone off to a hardware generalist, they are not going to solve a specific software issue.

    Your options, until any official fix is even discussed, as I have been saying are:

    - Get the phone replaced with a new one with older software and don't upgrade
    - Downgrade the software yourself

    At the moment to our knowledge, this thread is the most up to date list there is of people experiencing these issues - with so far having had input from an O2 customer service agent as well as a HTC technician, which has been highly valuable. It's really not going to be of much use if everyone starts relaying all their individual experiences by following standard 'repair' procedures which inevitably fail.

    We need to be putting pressure on our networks' relationship with HTC and HTC directly to get them to solve this between them, whether that means finding out if something the networks did to the original firmware caused the problem, or if it's something in HTC's design of either the phone or the software. Generalist engineers and shop floor staff do not have this level of experience, knowledge or authority. In fact it's counterproductive - there's a repair logging system which now shows one additional phone of fixing this problem when it hasn't.
  23. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    I do remember you saying that sending the phone off would not help, but I had already sent the phone of before I saw your post.

    And I can confirm that your are correct, as last night my phone did loose the signal again and I had to do a reboot to get it back. So can also confirm that having the "curcuit board" replaced does not cure the problem.

    I have now looked at the moneysavingexpert link which pagepack posted in this thread and have adjusted my setting for "Set Preferred network type" to GSM auto (PRL) from WCDMA preferred to see if that does anything.

    If it doesn't sort it out then I will go back to the O2 shop and see if I can get a replacement phone with the earlier software on it, as I do not really want to try and downgrade the software myself just incase I brick the phone.
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  24. pagepack

    pagepack Member

    I changed the wifes Desire S over to GSM auto on Monday the 5th, its a waiting game now. It lost the signal 4 times in 3 weeks, so will post back what happens over the next few weeks. Let us know how you get on too.
  25. billy06

    billy06 Member

    my phone was returned to me yesterday after its third visit to repair still with the firmware with the "bug" in it , htc uk latest "there is a bug in the latest firmware, which we can not fix, so it will be pointless have your device back in for repair, if i were to send you a replacement it would have to leave here with the latest firmware on , so that will not solve your issue either"
    say no more

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