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Signal drops completely - HTC Desire SSupport

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  1. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    I've had and update on my [FONT=&quot]"HTC Global Contact System ticket"[/FONT]

    Stating that the case in now being investigated and has been further escalated.

    So hopefully something may get sorted in the near future.

    Hopefully if O2 can exchange phones for one person then they can do it for all of us who are experiencing the same problems.?

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member


    If you're prepared to keep badgering them and demand that the phone do what it's supposed to and be prepared to send the phone in again, then that will add to the leverage you have when it comes to getting a different model. Unfortunately, the more grievance you go through, the better chance you have.

    I don't know how many times you've sent it back to HTC/O2 to get sorted, but if it's three or more times, in quick succession, then I would think that should be a tipping point in your favour. Make a bit of a reasonable nuisance of yourself. Speak to the customer service people, but then also speak to their line managers. Mentions of your customer loyalty, e.g. I've been with you for X years and never had this before, might help, too. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Companies do sometimes give great deals and upgrades/exchanges, but only to those who know how to work it out of them. It doesn't happen automatically.
  3. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    It's not luck, but persistence, explanation and patience.

    Firstly, I'm an online customer so can only comment on that (well, mostly as you'll see). The first customer service agent you will speak to on the end of the phone only has access to a database of answers. Gone are the days when every agent will be experienced and knowledgeable. Given the number of calls they'll field, this is understandable but not helpful when deaing with issues as problematic and specific as this.

    So I'd then advise speaking to at least a customer service manager. They often have the power to help, but do not necessarily have to. Explain the situation but do not demand a solution - you have to get them to sympathise if you are not covered legally (and fortunately, I've not had to find out fully if I am - although I suspect we all are as the phones are not currently fit for purpose).

    They will, understandably, offer a repair first but you can use this forum as evidence that a 'repair' will just waste everyone's time.

    Adam (supervisor, posting previously in this thread) at O2 was very keen to help but could only offer a refurbished black handset or a brand new blue one. So instead I tried getting a store to replace my handset as I thought they still had stock of the black Desire S phones, using notes on the online side which Adam had left on the system. I should stress that it is definitely not convention for a store to fulfill and online order - it is possible, but you'll again have to work hard and on the basis of the store helping because they want to rather than because they have to. Ultimately, this route is far from guaranteed to get you anywhere, and again, the front line store staff will flat out refuse.

    I do not take kindly people who flat out refuse to think outside the box or listen to issues where a possible solution exists, so asked to speak to the manager.

    The store manager called a number for O2 online and was trying to determine how the interchange between online and in-store would work, but it was all academic because although my local store did have a black Desire S on display, they actually don't stock it any more either. So I ended up speaking on the phone to whoever the store manager was talking to on the online side - she went away and discussed options with her manager. Unfortunately, I don't know where in the company she was located but my point is that only after initially going the online route and then instore did I manage to get to this point. I can tell you that whoever I was talking to was not part of the standard online call centre because usually they can't email outwards, but this very helpful agent could.

    Do not bother even trying to go the convoluted route I did, it isn't where your success will lie - I'm just letting you know how I did it. A replacement blue phone, if you're happy with blue (I wasn't) should be well within their limits - but I can't honestly tell you if it won't come with the latest software already shipped. If you're a store customer, go as high as you can in the store route. If you're online, do the same for online and hope you speak to someone as reasonable as Adam.

    In the meantime, my Sensation will arrive next week. HOWEVER what might make my partial victory bittersweet is reading the first comment on the below review:

    HTC Sensation Review | Mobile Phones | CNET UK

    Does this sound familiar?!

    Ultimately, what I would suggest is reasonably and rationally explaining how your handset is borked and getting someone with the authority to replace your handset to sympathise. It looks though like I might still be stuck with the same problems in the near future!
  4. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    Thanks too many other things I need to be geeky about, with the phone I just want/need it to work reliably, the whole reason I went for a HTC in the first place !

    Can I just run the O2 RUU above or do I need to root the phone first ?

    Just have to wait and see if O2 support will follow my simple request to revert the firmware, rather then replace the motherboard and update it....
  5. ercm03

    ercm03 Member

    You don't need to be rooted to run the RUU - however the RUU will NOT do a downgrade from a higher version :mad:

    The method I linked to in an earlier post gains temporary root access, then patches the version number to something lower that the one you're trying to install.
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  6. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Here's a gem for you..

    [Opening window asked for updates on whether it was a known issue, on my specific case, and whether there were issues with GSM / WCDMA signal switching]

    Chat Transcript
    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

    You have been connected to James.

    James: Hi, thank you for contacting HTC Support, I’m looking in to your query now.

    schnide: Thanks James, appreciate the help.

    James: This is not a bug known of. This case has been escalated.

    schnide: I've read various things which say the bug IS known of.

    schnide: Have you seen this thread?

    schnide: http://androidforums.com/htc-desire-s/396171-signal-drops-completely-htc-desires.html

    James: We do not look into forums. There may be customers having issues with the device which we can then help then but not all HTC Desire S users have that issue. It is not an issue with the OS.

    schnide: It is not an issue with the OS? You are telling me that whatever the fault is, it's not a HTC software issue?

    schnide: And you "don't look into forums"? What kind of response is that?

    James: We do not look into forums. If you are having issues you will need to contact us directly and not though a forum. The SMS feature is a feature from the network.

    schnide: Oh I see - you don't look into forums means you don't look into forums. Thanks for that insight, that really helps a lot. Do you have to be highly qualified for your job?

    schnide: So basically, I have more information that you do. Do you think that's because you don't look into forums?

    schnide: Bear in mind you're representing HTC as a company right now, and that your responses are going to go onto the forums. You know, the ones you don't look into. So you can keep your head in the sand while word of poor customer service spreads.

    James: I am sorry you feel that way but its like I said, We do not look into forums due to the fact that information is not always reliable. I have also stated that the issue was raised and escalated.

    schnide: As opposed to not having the information at all? I think that makes the forums a pretty good place to start. Because now I know more about it than you do.

    schnide: What does raised and escalated mean then?

    James: Forums are not official. Everything on our website is official. External websites (Forums) we do not look into. Its not about me (HTC) not knowing anything, We will need customers to contact us directly. An escalation means that this is being looked into by our escalation team to see what the issue is and to see what we can do about it. Until then you will need to wait till we contact you.

    James: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    schnide: No, forums are not official. That doesn't change the fact that users are having problems which other HTC agents have said are a problem, and are being reported on the forum, but you are saying flat out there's not a known problem. You are equating the official line with being the correct one. This is far from the case. Other customers have already contacted you too. I can give you their ticket numbers if you like.

    schnide: Would you like those numbers, James? Would you also confirm there is absolutely no problem with HTC devices switching from a GSM to WCDMA signal?

    James: I do not need ticket numbers thank you. All devices switch from GSM to WCDMA as it will depend if you are in a 3G area or not. That is not an issue.

    schnide: You don't need ticket numbers? Why is that? Are you going to tell me those other users don't have issues too?

    James: I am here to help you. Not other users. If you want my help then I will help you to the best of my ability. If you are going to ask me questions not related to technical support then this session will need to end.

    schnide: Your 'help' has consisted of telling me this isn't a known issue. As it is a known issue, partly enlightened by the forums you've refuse to read, you have not been of any help at all. You have also told me there is fundamentally not an issue with switching signals. You have spoken on behalf of HTC today and this is what will be posted in the forums. This is indeed the end of this session - many thanks.
  7. billy06

    billy06 Member

    thats sound about right for HTC uk cs, escalation takes up to 2 weeks, in my case there comes a time when the time spent trying to resolve outweighs what the device is worth.
    There are only 2 answers
    1. s-off your device and flash with a rom that works
    2. ask you network to exchange the device

    you only really need to worry if you go to hospital and the life support has an HTC badge on it.
  8. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Indeed billy06, these are the only current options.

    starman - just read of your success with a Sensation, well done! Do let people know how you got it so that others can try for one too. We should also compare back here to see if we still experience the same issues.
  9. AmmoB

    AmmoB Member


    First post, and first android phone!

    Had the same problem recently. Called O2 and explained. Called HTC and explained. O2 are sending me a new sim as mine is a few years old and he thinks it may be down to that. HTC know about the issue and know its since the last FOTA update!!! They specifically state it affects O2 customers and they think a new update will be out soon to fix the bug (could it be linked to O2 sims?).

    I'll let you know if the new sim changes anything. I'm still under warranty so if all else fails I'll get a new phone.

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  10. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    wil do schnide, will report back here, he said it will be here monday, but according to the order it says before 10am , hoping its a saturday tomorrow delivery.

    2nd call to O2 repairs team today and I got what I wanted, "it wasnt easy"

    1st call yesterday I got a list of devices for exchange spoken out to me on the phone, and none matched the desire s, so I outrightly refused and got no where

    So I rang today explaining that I updated the phone to 1 47 206.2 (no i didnt really)
    and I spoke to O2 CS again, this time explaining this issue again, and said this time its the replacement phone experiencing the same issues, i then stated my sim works ok in my trusty Nokia 5800 and all was ok, he did say in our area there was a cell down, so i then said i took the HTC DS out of the area, he said ok that rules out coverage, he then put me on hold, came back read a list, and the sensation was on that list this time :)

    I have heard stories RE the sensation, will just have to wait and see

    good luck people.
  11. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member


    I can pretty much vouch that a replacement SIM card will NOT cure the problem. I put a new "pay as you go" SIM in my phone and still experienced the same problem.

    Let just hope that this is the case and they are doing ALL they can to fix this issue. As it is not going to go away until someone sorts it out. We have all tried the things they have suggested, trying another SIM in the phone, doing factory resets etc.. which didn't help at all.
  12. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Hey AmmoB and welcome to the fun!

    As solorize has said, I think we'd all be willing to bet you
  13. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    as the desire s is going back monday, i decided to update it to 1.47 206.2

    wait for it...

    no calls while 3G is enabled and signal is choppy!! hehehehe

    i knew this would be the case anyway
    but thought id try it as its going back.
  14. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Morning all.

    Just thought I would post up how I am currently getting on with setting my preferred network type to GSM only.

    Well I can report that I have not had the signal drop as yet and it's been over 1 day so far. It looks like that until HTC / O2 get a new software out to us with the problem corrected I may have got the phone kind of working without it dropping out, albeit with a big sacrifice of only having a 2G data connection.

    I am not going to count my chickens yet as it's only been just over a day with out the signal dropping, so will continue to monitor over the next week, and will let you know my findings.

    All I can say is that it might help others if they too switch to GSM only mode, so it could be worth a try.

    See earlier posts on how to set to GSM only mode.


    If true that will be good news for other people who have not updated as yet. Let's hope that HTC are on the case and are actively working on getting a bug free software update out ASAP, for all us unhappy customers who are having to endure all these problems and not having a working phone.

    I still can't believe that they rolled out software update 1.47 206.2 with such a MAJOR problem, it's almost the same mentality as Micro$oft, just get it out and we will fix any problems later, therefore using the customer to test the software. Hopefully that is not the case and it is a genuine bug that no one saw before it was pushed out for us to update. But I think that HTC will need to seriously look into testing the software properly before it is publically available. Because things like this can cause a bad reputation for a company.

    The only way I can see HTC saving face, is by them fixing it ASAP to minimize the spread of this problem and blighting their name further.

    It's like having a PC with an operating system on it, but not actually being able to run any programs on it, which is its primary objective.

    i.e. we have a phone but cannot make or receive calls while the signal problem exists.
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  15. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm only guessing at to whether the update's been withdrawn, I still can't get it on my Desire S but it looks like Starman managed too, so that's not clear yet.

    I've also read elsewhere that switching to GSM only 'solves' the problem but obviously if that's at the sake of 3G connectivity, it really isn't solving the problem but taking your phone back five years. That really isn't acceptable, but hopefully it might give the engineers somewhere to start in looking for the problem..

    ..if they read the forums, of course ;)

  16. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    even more fun now, desire s sat in front of me, with the G flashing and no signal with a X symbol next to where the signal bars are, only no signal and an x but im able to browse the net, work that one out....
  17. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    :confused: That's weird ! don't know how or why thats working then, especially as its stating you have no signal!.

    I really wish that HTC did read these forums as they would be able to glean a lot of information from the problems we are facing and what we are trying to do to sort it out ourselves, which in turn would help them find a solution quicker.

    Companies can't turn a blind eye and say "no we are not going to look at forums!" because this is the only place were we can post up our findings in the hope that someone can help us, as there is no real direct way for us to let HTC / the developers know the exact problems we have.

    We have all spent a lot of our personal time trying to work out exactly where the problems stem from since this b0rked software update has crippled our phones. So that we can give more indepth information to HTC to try and help them help us get our phones back up and running again.
    (My g/f has now had enough of me trying to explain to her what I have been trying to do to get my phone sorted and gets annoyed with me when I start talking about it. I wonder how she would feel if it was "her" phone that was not working properly, she would soon be asking for my help to sort it out for her I am sure:rolleyes:.)

    There are good people out there, like the repair engineer who tried to help us directly, (but has now been silenced), who are willing to put their personal time and effort in too, to try and help us out.
    People like this companies should imbrace. I feel that there SHOULD be someone from the companies who is dedicated to having a presence on these forums, who can at least read what we are saying and then chat with their repair engineers / developers to try and help out in these cases.

    Even if they are limited on what they can say to us, I feel this would be acceptable, if we knew they were seeing and relaying our problems / findings to the people who matter.

    At the end of the day I don't want to be giving HTC a bad name by telling other people not to buy their phones, as I really like the HTC Desire S, but HTC need to hear us and react very quickly as the longer this goes on the more people are going to hear about and get these problems.
  18. Plympool

    Plympool Member

    Got my 'repaired' phone back from O2 with an accompanying letter stating:

    "...one of engineers, has found the problem and fixed it. For quality control, another one of our engineers checked the repair".

    Within 5 minutes of picking up the phone, I'd managed to show that calls were still going directly to voicemail, and this morning I awoke to find ...........no signal! :(

    Formal letter of complaint going to O2 requesting a replacement phone under the Supply of Goods and Services Act.
  19. billy06

    billy06 Member

    thats because the voice use a different signal to the data connection
  20. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    You can go through all that if you want, but it might take a while.

    Instead, phone customer services up to the highest level you can (you have the right to be a little insistent, I would say) and demand a new phone as politely as you can. As some kind of brokering tool, you can challenge them to offer the fault they thought they'd found, how it's been fixed, and then obviously reiterate the fact that nothing's been fixed.
  21. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    And nor do you need to: HTC are already doing it for you.
  22. starman316

    starman316 Active Member

    hmmmm, i thought u need a signal before u can use data, that how i always understood it
  23. ukgun

    ukgun Member

    New phone....New sim card same problem...:confused:
  24. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    Had a call from O2 support on Saturday asking what the problem with my phone was, a bit strange as it went back with a detailed letter describing the fault, and I made sure the support bod in the O2 shop typed in a detailed fault description on their system, both of which ended with "Please just revert to previous software"

    Told them again just to revert the software, they said they were unaware of the issues with 1.47 206.2..............
  25. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    It's a symptom of dealing with massive companies on all but the largest of issues - they won't be experts on the problem and there won't be any consistency in answers. We've seen that from the "Yes the problem exists" to the "No we've heard of this" right up to the "There is NO issue" responses.

    Take matters into your own hands for every day they delay - get a new phone, or downgrade the software yourself. You may be waiting for a fix from them that never comes (although obviously, I hope it does within five minutes of this post).

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