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  1. AmmoB

    AmmoB Member


    Can anyone tell me exactly what version software works?

  2. ianmk4

    ianmk4 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Another disgruntled desire s owner, I found this forum after doing a google search.

    I am with 3 mobile and have very similar problems to everyone else. When people phone me it goes straight to voicemail, but the strange thing is I get a text notification immediately letting me know I have a voicemail.

    I also have an odd problem with texts, sometimes I get them right away and sometimes they take ages to arrive. But when they arrive they display the time it was sent (for example a text would say 13:00 but it arrived at 13:15).

    When I have zero bars of signal I can still browse the internet at very fast speeds.

    I don't want to call customer services (especially 3's dodgy advisors in Mumbai) and see calling HTC gets no results either. I have had this phone for 5 months and it had been flawless until I updated the software about a month ago.

    Any advice.
  3. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    Detailed fault report sent back with my phone, entered on their jobs card, sent via email, and they even phoned me to check the fault.

    They job card has been updated.

    Job Fault: Signal Loss
    Repair Outcome:No Fault Found (Software) - Post Call

    I won't hold my breath.
  4. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    I would say it's very likely you've got the same issues as everyone else. They will offer you a replacement SIM which won't work. They'll take your phone in for 'repair', replace the motherboard and leave the updated software on there. That won't work either.

    Your options are:

    1) Wait for a fix. Neither HTC or the networks have consistently admitted there's a problem or where it lies when they do. It appears on O2 at least that the software update is no longer available, leading us to suspect that someone relevant, somewhere, knows the issue exists and is in the software. Additionally, no-one has said there is definitely any fix being worked on. It may arrive tomorrow or never.

    2) Ask for/beg for/demand a replacement phone - a Desire S with the original software or a completely different model. I and one other user now have a HTC Sensation from O2 thanks to handling them in the right way. Others are trying letters of complaint to their network, Watchdog and/or Ofcom.

    3) Switch to a 2G only signal, as described here by solorize:

    You should have continuous signal but will lose 3G functionality.

    4) Downgrade the software yourself to an earlier version. This is reported to work but it's not as simple as it was when you updated over the air (OTA) to problematic software you have now. It also invalidates your warranty, but this is potentially reversible.

    Yesterday I took another member of the forum through a list of instructions to perform #4. Essentially, this forum is now performing technical support on behalf of the networks and HTC. We are fixing issues they caused and cannot/will not fix.

    I am hesitant to post how to do this because it may suppress the level of the issue and give them the idea that they don't have to do anything about it. I want to make it explicitly clear that the networks, and HTC's technical support AND marketing department have been made aware of the problem, and to date, we have been told nothing.

    If you would like the instructions on how to do it and the risks involved:

    1) Post on this thread what network you're on and your outcomes so far
    2) Submit a fault to HTC (HTC Help Center)
    3) Send me a PM
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  5. PeteNZ

    PeteNZ New Member

    I am having the same issues as described in this thread - calls go straight to voicemail, delay in receiving text messages and text messages arriving out of order.

    I am on o2.

    BUT I have a Desire, not a Desire S and I am on 2.2.

    Software number
  6. DeepThroat

    DeepThroat Member

    The fault lies with the latest android release, I see it on my N1 and my partners DS. There's little point in sending your phone back as the repair centres are powerless to help and are bound to ensure the firmware is the version approved by the networks. No point getting angry at anyone other than HTC and Android but remember when the flaw is fixed the ROM has to be adapted for Sense and then adapted for the network and then approved by them for release. This of course can take months, keep the pressure on HTC as I dare say they are aware of the problems.

    A few fixes you can try is enabling/disabling airplane mode which forced the RF to re-register on the network. Also try settings>mobile networks>network operators>search networks then manually register on the network. This definitely fixes the messaging push issues.
  7. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Hi DeepThroat and thanks for the first post. I think you'll need to explain your sources for saying that the fault lies with Android - firstly what in Android is causing the issue, and secondly how you know this to be the case. If the fault lies in Android, I am truly shocked it hasn't been experienced by so many more users but I stand to be corrected.

    We only began experiencing these problems with the latest software release for the Desire S, which didn't update Android to my knowledge. Clearly this particular software update originates from HTC but the networks then brand it, approve it and release it. They are both in part to blame particularly as the issue isn't network specific.

    The fixes you have suggested are not fixes at all if you are suggesting it's viable to do this every time people need to reconnect to the network. Switching to a 2G only signal seems to be the only way to regain consistent service without changing either the phone software or hardware, but this is hardly a satisfactory solution either if you're paying for the full 3G signal.
  8. DeepThroat

    DeepThroat Member

    The problems reported on this thread has already been covered in the Vodafone forums when the N1 update was released, as well as the Nexus forums. The N1 does not use the Sense overlay and receives all its vanilla updates direct from Google not HTC.

    Your O2 update has systematically been approved by all UK networks so this bug has been missed by everyone's devices team. To keep you up to date the networks specify their settings to HTC for them to incorporate into Sense, they do not 'brand it' as you suggest. Only HTC can rectify the issue.

    I'm curious at to why you flamed my hints, there are a lot of Desire S users who want to use their phone and don't want to downgrade their SW. These fixes will restore functionality to their investments until the bug fix is released.

    Should anyone want to know what the RF of their handset is up to enter *#*#4636#*#* into the phone, enjoy. Anyone who switched from Desire S to Sensation may want to use this code and see what happens to their RSSI when they hold it.
  9. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    It's pretty certain that this problem, or at least its symptoms, is not unique to the Desire S.

    Google Mobile Help Forum and users report similar issues with a variety of phones over a couple years.

    A few months ago, a Google employee on the Mobile Help Forum said that Google are investigating, although this relates to the Nexus S. However, for those of you waiting for OS 2.3.4 to provide the fix, I doubt it will provide the universal solution to all affected phones. Read more from the Google Employee, 'Paul', in this thread.

    None of this proves where the fault lies nor who owns it. If it is the OS, then it's unlikely HTC or the network carrier will be able to fix it, although they might be able to bodge it.
  10. DeepThroat

    DeepThroat Member

    Unfortunately 2.4.6 on the Nexus S has created as many issues as it fixed but with any luck IceCream should put everything right. Shame the Sense integration takes so long to filter down to the end users.
  11. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    You've hardly been flamed, I was asking where your sources were. You're telling me that networks do not brand the software? So when I receive a HTC phone from O2, it's HTC who put the O2 logo on there, add/remove extra applications and make any similar adjustments to the software for them?

    On my understanding, the software is initially released by HTC, as I said, then bug checked and branded by the network, as I said. So the bugs assuming they originate in the HTC software, will have been missed/passed by any network having these problems if the software is to blame, as I said.

    Your 'fixes' don't restore functionality any more than just restarting the phone. Switching to a 2G signal as has already been suggested is far more a short term solution, which I can and should add to the original list.
  12. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Quick update, my temporary fix by switching to GSM only, has helped get a more stable signal, BUT this is only a temporary solution and I did still have it lose signal one day when I looked at the phone but after a while the signal did come back, Which didn't happen when I was WCDMA preferred or GSM auto (PRL).

    Plus as I am continually switching back and forth between GSM only and WCDMA preferred every time I need to use the internet, having the phone disconnect and then reconnect to the selected mode, similar to turning ON and OFF Aeroplane mode (or rebooting), which I had to do when I lost signal. This problably does not give my phone to chance to drop the signal.

  13. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    Ah bugger! I was going to buy a sim free Desire S in a few weeks, what's the likelihood of getting this version? Fingers crossed a new release will fix this soon, not holding my breath after the level of HTC customer support people have been reporting.
  14. DeepThroat

    DeepThroat Member

    Sorry you're wrong.

    mark_baguley, I can confirm 1.47 is approved for all the UK networks so it is likely you will get one with this version unless you find one that's been on a shelf for well over a month.
  15. PeteNZ

    PeteNZ New Member

    For those out of warranty, is rooting the phone with a specific vanilla android release a good option for fixing the issues?
  16. ercm03

    ercm03 Member

    If you're trying to rollback from the 1.47 OTA then yes.
  17. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    Don't be sorry. Enlighten me with a source as I said before. I hope it's clear that the goal of this thread is to educate people on the problem and what they can do about it. If I stand to be corrected on something, then I will be. No harm done, no patronising needed.

    You're saying that the networks don't take the manufacturer software, brand it as their own then release it to the customer? I would, genuinely, like to know what you're saying actually happens then and how you know this.
  18. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    It depends on where you buy it from and how long they've had the stock for. O2, for example, don't even stock the black Desire S anymore either online or in-store. A blue version is available although in all the various reports of what's been happening, there doesn't seem to have been any specific reference to the blue model so it seems to be unknown whether this is carrying the latest software.
  19. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    Ah fair enough, well I guess I'll just have to take my chances. I suppose all the talk of changing the radio and/or downgrading would require rooting? Can you install a previous official rom without rooting?
  20. sj_4x4

    sj_4x4 Member

    As expected the usless sods have ignored all the requests I made to downgrade the software, "We could not find a fault, to stop it comming back we have put the latest software on it, this should fix any problems caused by the original software"

    Enough is enough, I will downgrade it myself and will be making formal complaints.
  21. schnide

    schnide Well-Known Member

    The answer is not quite a simple yes or no.. but in its simplest form, it's no and yes respectively.

    You can install a previous official rom without rooting but you do have to take an initial level of protection off the phone first. This is called making the phone S-OFF, and it's very likely your phone will be shipped S-ON.

    After the phone is S-OFF, then you can root, but it's not something you'd have to do to downgrade the software even when using an official updater (or 'downdater' in this case!).

    I went through the procedure with another member on the forum who said they were not very technologically minded at all, and it was successfully completed. Although it's yet to be confirmed whether it's solved their problems or not, I haven't yet been told of any issues and other reports with this process in general say it does solve them.

    There is still a risk involved because it's not a standard procedure, and most likely will invalidate your warranty, but as has been said already in this thread, you can either have a warranty for a phone that doesn't work (and HTC won't fix) or a phone without one that does.
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  22. mark_baguley

    mark_baguley Member

    Thanks for the reply, very useful. Hopefully in the next few weeks it'll be sorted but if not I'll be back for some more advice :)
  23. mike2777

    mike2777 Active Member

    Report update, after downgrading the software on my desire s yesterday, (rollback) making it S-Off and installing RUU, I can VERY gladly say, that ALL my issues seem to be sorted. Call coming through when they should, no messages telling me I had a missed call 30 seconds ago, and my messages come through on time :D. My faith has been restored in the phone, would just like to thank 'schnide' for all his help and guidance. Your a true gent. Regards, Mike.
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  24. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    @Mike2777 I am glad to hear that doing the downgrade has worked for you. Nice one for having the B4LLS to do it to ;)

    I'm really tempted to do the same (so will probably have to ask Schnide if he can talk me though it), if I get no joy back from O2. I will give O2 a while to see if they reply to my email and offer to replace my phone. But if I don't hear anything back or not be offered a replacement I will then "as a last resort" try downgrading.

    Then once out of my contract I will seriously think of leaving O2 and going with another provider.
  25. mike2777

    mike2777 Active Member

    @solorize,, Orange are good for their customer support generally,thats who im with. I recieved a replacement phone on Monday, BUT it had the new software on it already, hence had exactly the same problem. I just reached the point were I thought enough was enough, and decided to give the downgrade a go, now you must understand I have quite limited computer skills, but with the help from Schnide I was able to complete the job. And even better, it worked, its such a relief to finally have a working phone again, as like everyone is saying on here,,,, complaints just seem to be falling on deaf ears.

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