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  1. CherokeeBlood

    CherokeeBlood Active Member

    I'm doing some research in these signal extenders. Has anyone used, or do any of you own one of the devices? I'm just outside my tower boundary. I get 2 bars and need to get at least one more bar in order to get service. So far I am finding these two as candidates

    Wireless Extenders zBoost YX545 SOHO Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office (White, North America and Canada)

    Wilson Electronics Desktop Adjustable Gain Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home or Office - For Multiple Users

    both of these units are on sale under $300.00 on Amazon right now

  2. woobieizer

    woobieizer Well-Known Member

    I've owned/used the ZBoost Dual Band w/ a directional antenna since 2005.
    Worked with ATT and now with Sprint~ST Android.
    Purchased from SolidSignal as open box.

    Used SignalMaps app to point me to the tower while on my roof.


    I have a newer one that I will post pics of that I will sell.. look for post containing pictures for details.
  3. CherokeeBlood

    CherokeeBlood Active Member

    Yeah I know where my tower is, I can walk to back of my property and get service, I need just a little boost to get it into the house. Let me know your price on your set up mayb we can figure out something.

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