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  1. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    Ok... so far i ve been using my lg connect for 2 days and i ve never saw 4g on my phone.. its on 1x and EV most of the time...
    and when its on EV the bars are full but flickring between full and none..
    when im on a call bars are stable not problems...

    i live in miami beach and its a 4g area...
    my zip code is 33139
    any ideas?

  2. LouCash

    LouCash Active Member

    If your problem is restricted to a 5 mile diameter* or less it could be something with the service in that area. Try leaving the area and see if the problem persists. (go on the main land and have a drink). If it works outside that area call metro and let them know.

    If your problem happens in an area greater than a 5 mile diameter* it generally is not a network issue from tower degradation. This would point to the issue being either with your individual line and how it is provisioned or something wrong with your actual device/SIM downloads.

    *Should be good enough a guideline for most major metropolitan areas. In less dense areas where cell towers are more far apart the distance can be doubled.
  3. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Well-Known Member

    Just a possibility, but I have been having problems with my signal going in and out the past couple days in SWFL.
  4. samthegam

    samthegam Well-Known Member

    My phone does the same thing when on EV in Los Angeles, CA. Make sure the sim card is provisioned correctly if not you won't get 4G.
  5. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    thanks guys for your reply and help!..

    i went to miami today and my phone still on EV but my friend has a samsung admiror or something like that and his phone said 3g!
    so i dont know whats going on..
    somtimes it says 1X
    what is 1X like 3g??

    i called metro and they told me that dependes on area and maybe at the moment 4g service aint working..

    i also checked my sim card its fine.. pull it out and put it back to make sure...

    is there anyone in miami dade here???
  6. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    EVdo = 3g
  7. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Well-Known Member

    check someone else with this this phone and if they have 4g then go to corp stop and demand a new one. if not its metro service thats down or something
  8. LouCash

    LouCash Active Member

    I'm in Miami, Kendall area.

    The 4G should be popping up especially with you having covered distance to and from Miami Beach.

    If you explained to the person you talked to that your phone is not showing 4g in any part of an area that big they are blowing smoke you know where with that answer.

    You have either a device issue or line provisioning error.

    You need to either A-) visit a store as mentioned and not leave until satisfied or B-) Call Technical support and have them resend your device an OTA (activation information).

    Either way you need MetroPcs to resolve the issue with your line and or device.

    It is not a coverage issue.
  9. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    thanks for your response.
    Ok did call metropcs, many times.. last time they were cool and helped me.
    i talked to technical support and the guy reset my system and problem wasnt solved.. he explained to me that i should go to metropcs corporte store and they will fix problem or change it if there is a problem with device... he told me that he think its a problem with the phone itself..
    ill try to go thursday if not i go on monday..
    After reading all problems with this phone i feel very frustrated so i m thinking to give it back and use my old phone.. hope i can get full refund but dont think its gonna happen...
  10. LouCash

    LouCash Active Member

    Cool! Don't be too discouraged though... Try the other phone and make sure when they give you the other phone they activate a new SIM card with it.

    Remember more people are gonna use Google and find these forums when they are motivated by problems. The ones that are happy go lucky using their phones stay that way and are not as likely to post on places like this.

    There are a few issues posted but mostly dealing with the battery. The phone is a good device and if you like it its worth one more shot.

    If you do give the phone another change (using a replacement with new SIM) you will know if the issue is resolved or not as soon as you walk out the store.

    Good luck!
  11. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    Im sure its a great phone, the best that metro ever hard but im so dissapointed with the fact it didnt work for me...
    before getting this phone i was thinking to get motorola atrix and go to simple mobile but didnt switch carrier cause that phone doesnt work on simple mobile s 4g....
    anyways i ll try to give it a shot but my expectations are low now
  12. GodTalks

    GodTalks Active Member

    I had the over heating issue and the signal problem. Got my replacement today and it appears both issues are resolved on the new hand set.
  13. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    did 4g worked on yours??
    mine didnt work on 4g..
  14. GodTalks

    GodTalks Active Member

    It was never on steady. It would be on the EV more than the 4g.
  15. fivese7en

    fivese7en New Member

    I get 4 bars of 4g (2-4mb download speeds) out side the house but inside my house I get no internet service at all. I dont even get 1x... Any know what band 3g adn 4g is on?
  16. brian1984

    brian1984 Well-Known Member

    what is your location??
    my 4g doesnt go over 1.7mb...
    very rare to be on 1x and ev.. but when ev signal bars goes on and off.. i can receive calls anyways....

    i have no idea about the band...
    but maybe this helps
    800, 1700/2100, 1900 MHz
    1700/2100 MHz

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