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  1. Lukaslukasm

    Lukaslukasm Well-Known Member

    I've been having issues with my phone taking forever sending pictures...my lg optimus m is rooted and has the latest cm7 ROM by reppard my dad's optimus m is not rooted and when we sent the same pictures at the same time his sent and he had a max of 4 bars and I want able to send and I had a max of 2 bars....any advice? And before anyone asks I have prl 3024 and my dad has prl 3019

  2. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Well-Known Member

    Sorry, don't have an answer or solution (only commenting). I just now timed sending pic and surprisingly it took less than 1 minute to send -there are times when it has taken much longer. Most times my pictures do arrive almost immediately - I'm also on CM7 (reppards) - prl 3024.
  3. p-bOt

    p-bOt Well-Known Member

    does reppards rom need metroff?

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