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Signature Capture for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 App

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  1. dirtylittlef

    dirtylittlef Member

    Hi there
    Just a simple soul looking for a bit of help. Had a few Androids since the beginning and keep up to date with a lot of the new tech coming our way but never really developed anything on my own.

    I followed the Android App Inventor Tuorial and got the Kitty to meow but thats as far as I got.

    I'm looking for some help or someone who wants a pet project to develop what I think will be a very simple signature capture app for the new Galaxy Note which I have on order.

    Basically I want a digital delivery note, to be able to have a couple of fields for the "From" and "To" using the keyboard for proper text, and then a "Sign" & "Print Name". signature capture box. As this is entered for it to be geotagged and time stamped and the ability to export as PDF, Jpeg, or document to my dropbox or save locally.

    Can't see this being a huge effort but I'm a total noob. WOuld this be easy enough to complete on my own and if so where would you guys suggest for resources, books, etc. If someone is already doing something like this I'd be happy to talk or again if there is someone that just loves coding and wants to get their hands dirty with the new Galaxy Note functionality then I'd love to hear from you too.



  2. dirtylittlef

    dirtylittlef Member

    Bump for ideas?

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