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Support "Signature Error [132]" RUU 4.0 update

  1. smileyd23

    smileyd23 New Member

    I really want to update my Rhyme to ICS 4.0. I'm in the USA. I downloaded the ASIA WWE RUU from htcdev.com. However, when I run the RUU, it stops at "signature" stage and gives me "error 132". I have noticed something that seems off to me which is I am asked if I want to go from Image Version 2.20.605.3 to 2.14.401.2. That seems more like a downgrade than an upgrade. Someone please help!:mad:

  2. itandy

    itandy Well-Known Member

    First make sure the WWE works on your phone. If you phone is carrier branded it may not work. Maybe send HTC an email to ask.

    If yes then you can try the manual update procedures in the other thread "Worldwide HTC Rhyme ICS RUU posted". I have another error when using the RUU.exe but my phone can be upgrade manually.

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