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  1. serhancan

    serhancan New Member

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I turned on the silent mode for the first time since I bought the phone (approx. 1months) and noticed that it switched itself out of silent mode. Running applications were: whatsapp,tweetdeck, advanced task killer and appremover. What can be the reason for this situation? I cannot keep using a phone without silent mode please help. =)

  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    Pressing the volume up button takes the phone out of silent.
  3. venicejw

    venicejw Active Member

    Thanks dude i found the reason why the silent mode turns off.. is there any solution to this? i mean to disable that thing (turning off the silent mode when the volume key is pressed..) am using samsung galaxy pop s5570.. its really a big problem for me.. i am always switch off the fone when am in meeting to prevent it rings..plz help me in this anyone..

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