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  1. raptorjrf

    raptorjrf Member

    Has anyone noticed that Silent mode - when accessed via the Widget that comes up when the power button is held - also turns vibrate off. One would think vibrate should stay on to alert an incoming call "silently"

    I've been using Menu> Settings> Sound and Display to turn sound off and leave vibrate on. Does anyone know an easier way ?

  2. Barbara

    Barbara Well-Known Member

    If you use the volume down button on the side of the phone, it will switch to vibrate all before silent.
  3. raptorjrf

    raptorjrf Member

    Neat - Thanks !
  4. DroidDummy

    DroidDummy New Member

    Doesn't work that way on my phone. This is driving me crazy. Is there any way to reconfigure what "silent mode" means so that it will respect my choice of "vibrate always!" ?

    I tried the volume down button, that didn't do it. Turned all notifications off.

    I tried holding the power button down, then selecting "silent mode". That turns vibrations off.

    I tried using the wake-up front panel spinner to select silent mode, same thing.

    After I'm in silent mode, I went in and specifically set "vibrate on". That works, until the next time I go out of silent mode and go back in - turns vibrate mode off again.

    Please, someone, give me a way to quickly set "silent with vibrate". This is a deal killer for me on the phone.
  5. 4424

    4424 Member

    i use locale for all my profiles. so for work, i have all my notifications set on vibrate only.
  6. taz1458

    taz1458 New Member

    If you go to settings then sound & display, you can check the silent mode and check phone vibrate and it should work. not entirely sure if it does though.
  7. galt

    galt Well-Known Member

    Put your phone into silent mode by left-swiping the unlock slide. That should do the trick for you.
  8. Kevin on Droid

    Kevin on Droid New Member

    I found out the hard way that left-swiping on the unlock screen to silent turns off vibrate mode. It's very consistent on mine, even if I have checked silent and vibrate on the settings screen before.
  9. wnrussell

    wnrussell Member

    Try the free Sounds Manager app. It sets the vib rules too.
  10. joey52685

    joey52685 New Member

    I just found an app called Silent Mode Jammer for free in the market. I think this does what you want. When you select silent mode it will autmatically force the phone back up to vibrate mode, and you can turn this functionallity on/off.

    Works perfectly on my Droid 2.0.1.
  11. marvinrock

    marvinrock Well-Known Member

    most Motorola phones "Silent" is different from "Vibrate". "Silent" means it makes no noises, no vibrations, nothing, only visual cues.
  12. crankerchick

    crankerchick Well-Known Member

    for the person who posted about locale, does locale work for email, messaging, etc--apps that have their own vibrate and ringtone controls? For example, if I have vibrate UNCHECKED in the mail client, but I do have a ringtone set, can locale make email vibrate for a condition that I choose?

    To the OP, silent is just that, silent. It kills everything. I'm not sure if such an app exists that can basically take all your notifications and vibrate them. Every developer I've emailed to ask says this is not possible in Android because there is no access to change notification types for apps like email, gmail, calendar, messaging, etc that have their own separate settings for vibrate and ringtone. They can force those apps silent, and even kill their vibrate (just like android does all on its own when you set to silen), but they can't make them elicit a notification that they aren't already set to do.

    Bottom line that I have found is, any app that you want to vibrate, you need to set to check vibrate in that apps settings. Then, use whatever app you want to control your volumes (and whatever else depending on the app you choose). The apps that you ahve set to vibrate, well yes they will vibrate always, which may be undesired, but at least they will vibrate when your notification sounds are muted too.
  13. nycebo

    nycebo Well-Known Member

    that is correct. Silent mean NO sounds whatsoever...or vibrates. When you are clicking down on the volume rocker button, you will see a vibrate icon one click BEFORE you hit the silent icon. It should be what you are after.
  14. gogomaster11

    gogomaster11 New Member

    I agree Silent means Silent. But "When the phone is locked and you want to move it vibrate (which is a very common use case), the volume key's doesn't work. The step is to unlock -> press volume down."
    I think instead of 'volume' and 'silent', android should have 'volume' and 'vibrate'.
    How often do you want you want your phone to be 'silent' and not 'vibrate'.. just think about it..
  15. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    I know this is old, but I was looking for a fix to turn off vibrate when silent. How I fixed it also applies to the subject.

    You have to choose the vibrate settings.

    there you have 4 options.

    1. ALWAYS
    2. NEVER

    So if you want vibrate on/off just check those settings.


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