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  1. AlexInSydney

    AlexInSydney New Member

    I've got an Amaysim (Australian carrier) SIM that was working fine on my Galaxy Ace up until a few hours ago. The 3G that the SIM enables me to use is working fine, it's just it can't send texts or make calls.

    I've put the SIM in question into other phones (a Blackberry and a Nokia), worked fine. I've also put other SIMs (from other carriers) in my Galaxy Ace, both worked fine, could send texts and recieve calls fine. It appears that it's not the SIM that's the problem, nor is it the phone.

    What is going on here? Help please?

  2. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Something similar happened to me once, but it was total black out, no calls, no texts and no data. Tried the sim on other phones, worked fine, tried different sims on my phone, that too worked fine, it just didn't work with my sim.
    Kept rebooting and doing factory reset for hours and then it just started working all on its own. I think if you just give it time, it will solve itself out.
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