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  1. LesDrive

    LesDrive Member

    I used to have the Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate) with Rogers. One thing I found useful is that in my Contacts, I can have my contacts displayed from the SIM card as well as from the phone. That way I could see what contacts I have and where are they saved (phone or SIM card).
    I have upgraded some time ago for the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. Lots of improvements over the previous model phone however I can not find how to have displayed the content of my SIM card. I can have my contacts imported/exported to and from the SIM card but I can`t seem to find how to actually access the SIM card.
    Is this feature not available for the Galaxy S II?

  2. Fulcrum29

    Fulcrum29 Member

    Hi there!
    click "contacts", "settings (bottom left), then "contacts to display". You can see where and particular contact is saved and even whether or not u want them displayed (customize tab).

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