Sim-city-esque game?

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  1. leekuanyew

    leekuanyew New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've been trawling the market for sometime and i have yet to discover a city building game in the style of simcity. The closest analogue ive seen is pocket empires but thats an mmo, which, in the context of gaming-on-the-move, would bankrupt me. And of course, playing it on wifi at home beats the purpose because i have a gazillion pc games to occupy myself at home.

    Anyone have any experience with a city building game for android thus far? Doesnt have to be in any particular time period, combat is fine, turn based play is fine.. am using a droid.


  2. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    There is a Simcity android game, but I didn't like the interface and the graphics were kind of crappy.

    Edit: It's called Sim City Metropolis
  3. Thaxis

    Thaxis Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find this in the market or in appbrain. Could you post a link?
  4. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    You could download SNesoid then download simcity itself.
  5. zappa420

    zappa420 Active Member

    i was playing simcity 2000 a while back, not the best graphics but it sure can kill some time
  6. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

  7. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    Not available for Android according to that link.
  8. Phixation

    Phixation Active Member

    Yup...i.have this on my DInc now although I haven't really played with it much yet. You might have to do a little hunting around for it, if you know what I mean. That's what i had to do.
  9. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    huh? it's listed in their Android software section and in the description it says:

    Compatible Devices

    HTC DreamT-Mobile G1

    I'm guessing it's because they were probably the only Android phones out at the time they developed the game. It definitely worked on my Hero, and apparently also on Phixation's Incredible.
  10. Quboid

    Quboid Well-Known Member

    How well do they (this and EA Mobile Monopoly) use Android? The images on Handango are of feature-phone java games, not HVGA touch-screen gaming.
  11. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    I only played the SimCity game for a little while. It was ok I guess, the graphics could have been better. I preferred the original SimCity game where they just auto-generated some land and you went at it. This one was all about completing goals and stuff and I found it too complicated (too many building types etc). They should have just ported the original v1 SimCity from DOS days :D

    The monopoly game was OK, but you get bored playing that game against computers and it's a bit too drawn out a game to be passing your phone around to take turns. Might as well play with the real board game in that case. I also didn't like that the little animations couldn't be skipped.

    As far as UI goes, you tap the screen to do what you want, or shake the phone to roll the dice, pretty standard.

  12. Thaxis

    Thaxis Well-Known Member

  13. nvrfgt343

    nvrfgt343 Well-Known Member

    Simcity Metropolis looks like a nice time-waster...I'm a little concerned that it's not on the Market like other EA titles and that the Dinc isn't shown on the Handango page. Anyone running this on an Incredible?

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