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  1. Dessybby

    Dessybby New Member

    I'm not sure how to manage my contacts that are saved on my sim card. I know how to import and export, but I don't know how to delete contacts that are already saved on my sim card. Can someone help me?

  2. RaceMaii

    RaceMaii New Member

    hi, i have same problem. i even can't delete or manage contacts on phone.
    i followed the way showed in support: settings>Applications>Manage Applications>...
    BUT there is in't "Contact Storage" to delete all contacts.
  3. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    The only way I know how to "manage" sim card contacts is to open your contacts, go to display options&, then there is a spot to to select show all. I did that and opted to not display gmail or tmoile contacts and then copied them into my gmail account.

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