SIM from iPhone to Captivate?

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  1. blackhemi

    blackhemi Well-Known Member

    Im getting my Captivate soon, and I currently have the unlimited data with at&t for my iPhone. Can i simply remove my sim card from the iPhone and start using it in the captivate? I dont want to take a chance of them messing up my account and losing my unlimited plan.


  2. thejtl

    thejtl Well-Known Member

    That's what I did.
  3. blackhemi

    blackhemi Well-Known Member

    awesome, I think im going to try that. Less potential headaches that way :)
  4. Steemax

    Steemax Well-Known Member

    Same here :D and the AT&T employee left my iphone unlimited data plan on since theres no difference.
  5. Futang44

    Futang44 Active Member

    Only dif is the visual voicemail. They switched mine and let me keep data...
  6. blackhemi

    blackhemi Well-Known Member

    no biggie for me, i have my google voice for voicemail, and google voice also does my cell number from at&t.

    I cant wait for this phone!!!
  7. jblaze5779

    jblaze5779 Well-Known Member

    unless you have the iphone4 which uses a micro sim
  8. blackhemi

    blackhemi Well-Known Member

    3gs. did not have a desire to go past 3gs....and im glad. the death grip would have been no good for me :)
  9. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Well-Known Member

    Checked my online account before I took the sim card out of the iphone and it showed I had an iphone. After I switched sims, logged onto my account and it showed I had the Captivate.
  10. texas_archer

    texas_archer Member

    I had the Iphone 1st Gen (Edge) and they took my SIM card from my Iphone and put it in my Captivate.
  11. blackhemi

    blackhemi Well-Known Member

    I bought my Captivate today, walked to my truck, took my sim out of the iphone, put it in the Captivate, powered on, made a phone call. :) Works great, and I love this phone.
  12. CLRana9017

    CLRana9017 Active Member

    Be wary, though. Sometimes, they make you activate a new SIM so you can agree to the new contract. They made me do that and I almost lost my unlimited data plan and, for S&G, they took away my messaging plan. I was so angry that I made them put back both plans and give me credit.
  13. feefay

    feefay New Member

    For those of you who used your iphone sim on a captivate and kept your unlimited data plan, did you buy the phone at the full price or could you get upgrade pricing?
  14. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    how about the other way around. can i take the sim card out of my captivate and put it back in my iphone 3G? Going to the beach and i rater take my old 3G to the sand rather then my new device.
  15. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

    yea, it works the same way

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