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  1. Homer6988

    Homer6988 New Member

    Does anyone have the SIM network unlock PIN for the Backflip??

  2. thejdubb02

    thejdubb02 Well-Known Member

  3. Beach_Head

    Beach_Head Active Member

    I need one too. I purchased a Backflip from eBay which is supposedly unlocked. But when I got it, it wasn't.

    I've been using it as a netbook for weeks now via Wi-Fi until I decided to get it unlocked.

    So I purchased a code from an online Unlocking site and got hosed. I tried with another site and the same thing happened.

    What's worse is that when I went to file a claim with PayPal, they closed my case and said that intangibles were not part of its Protection Policy.

    So I'm out $20 right now and my phone is still locked.

    Are there any AT&T subscribers here who can call AT&T and help me get the unlock code for my phone please?

    I'd really appreciate the help...

  4. toiday

    toiday Well-Known Member

    Backflip seems to be hard to get unlock code. I first tried call up att. They're happy to give code for all my phone since I've been their good customer. However, I couldn't find the code for my Backflip. I then tried several online places. They all gave up and send me refund. One place even recommended me to use a software method to unlock. I'm not sure what that means but someone or some shop suppose to have such software and I need to connect the Backflip to it to get unlock. I'm still looking for such shop.

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