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  1. iholera

    iholera New Member

    Android Version:2.2
    Taskiller Used?:None
    [Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: I'm rooted with unrevoked3
    rom LeeDrOiD_v2.1
    Hello there
    I bought my HTC Desire from T-Mobile Montenegro with prepaid SIM.
    After i leave the Montenegro i change to my Orange card, and
    get the "SIM network unlock PIN" message.
    I purchased the unlock code from - Global Unlock - The Official Mobile Phone Unlocking Site.
    After i inserted the code i get the "Invalid Password" message.
    (By the way the company have no support, no refund, nothing, don't buy from them)
    I was wonder if there will be some suggestions how to solve this problem ???:eek:

  2. iholera

    iholera New Member

  3. Invrgvup

    Invrgvup New Member

  4. schofield851

    schofield851 New Member

    when i switch on my phone it says sim network unlock pin
  5. Richhy

    Richhy New Member

    pls help my phone is asking for a sim network unlock pin. i dont know how to go about it please help.
  6. togger161

    togger161 Well-Known Member

  7. wal0018

    wal0018 New Member

    can anyone post an unlock code for me plese verry much thans
  8. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    See the post above yours - the answer is there :)
  9. juanincometax

    juanincometax New Member

    Hi everyone
    can somebody help unlocking a htc desire 512 from cricket wireless
    i have purchase a unlock code
    and when I insert the code it says invalid
    sim network unlock pin incorrect password

    I have tried different source for the unlock code and they still send me the same unlock code and doesnt work

    Please help
    thanks in advance
  10. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    This forum is for the original HTC Desire (A8181, aka Bravo), which is an entirely different phone from the Desire 512, so it's unlikely that anyone here has direct experience of your phone model.

    Your best bet is probably to talk to Cricket Wireless themselves.

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