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  1. zimmy

    zimmy Well-Known Member

    I'm having a problem unlocking the SIM. Verizon gave me the unlock code, and told me to reboot the phone with the foreign SIM installed to get to the unlock screen. But when I put in the other SIM it just says "no service" and reverts to "CDMA Only" mode.

    After the tech put me on hold to get further advice... NOW they are telling me that when I'm oversees it WILL work, and that a "SIM Unlock Screen" will only appear when I'm out of the country and outside of Verizon network. Then I am supposed to just put in the 8 digit code and it will supposedly work.

    Sounds fishy to me... Does anyone know some way to force the "SIM unlock screen" to appear? Hate to risk waiting until I get off the plane in another country to know for sure...

  2. emscan

    emscan New Member

    I called *611 and the rep I talked to had no idea about unlock codes. I'm not purchasing an Inc2 till i'm sure I can get an unlock code. So, Zimmy: How did you get it?

    Re: the trouble you're experiencing, my GUESS is that if the phone senses a Verizon signal it will "play dumb" and not let you unlock to use another card. (Why would VZW want to let you not use their system if it's available?) But, if you're in a foreign country and it sees no Verizon signal, it will let you unlock. But I agree, if you can't be sure till you get off the plane, you (and I) might be making an expensive and very inconvenient mistake!
  3. zimmy

    zimmy Well-Known Member

    I had no trouble getting the code from VZ. Store rep said that if you've been a customer for more than 90 days they won't object to giving you the code. (The sales rep also added that if one tech rep wouldn't do it, just keep calling.) Anyway, they did it for me on the very first call with absolutely no problem...

    Back to my unlock issue: I booted the phone without the back cover (antenna doesn't work this way so no Verizon signal), and it still would not go to the SIM unlock screen and defaulted back to CDMA only.

    So does anyone know how to force that screen so I can be sure it will unlock?
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  4. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    Isn't the simlock option in hboot? it is on all other HTC phones
  5. zimmy

    zimmy Well-Known Member

    Not sure how to find what you're talking about.

    An "unlock SIM" screen is supposed to pop up so I can enter the unlock code that VZ gave me. But so far we've been unsuccessful in finding a way to get to that screen, and they're telling me it will only come up while I'm out of the country using a foreign SIM. (I have the SIM, but when I put it in it keeps saying not valid and reverts to "CDMA Only" mode)

    Please help a semi-newbie out! :)

  6. miles_prower

    miles_prower New Member

    I was told the same thing -- that an "unlock SIM" screen would pop up the first time I inserted a foreign SIM card while outside of the Verizon network.

    Well, I went to my own "foreign" country earlier today -- the machine room in my basement where there is no Verizon service -- and I never saw an "unlock SIM" screen during multiple reboots of the phone.

    So I called up Global Customer Support again, and I spoke to a customer rep who actually believed me. He went and rounded up a Dinc2, then tried a third-party SIM in it. He wasn't able to get the illusive "unlock SIM" screen himself. So we both walked through the various menus, and decided to give the Settings:Security a try.

    Sure enough, under Settings:Security, there is a menu item for "Disable SIM card lock". Choose that menu item and then type in your MEP code that Verizon gave you. Hit OK, and the phone will reboot.

    I just confirmed that my phone works just fine with my Virgin Mobile SIM.

    BTW, unlike my VZW Touch Pro 2, which works fine in the US with an AT&T SIM card in it, my Dinc2 will not see a network with the same AT&T SIM inserted in it.
  7. miles_prower

    miles_prower New Member

    Oh, and don't forget to go to Settings:Call:preferred Network to switch to GSM/UMTS Mode.
  8. JoeSchmoe007

    JoeSchmoe007 Well-Known Member

    So can anyone clarify: what is your phone number overseas (phone is in GSM mode) if you don't unlock and use third-party SIM? I doubt it is the same number when you are in US and in CDMA mode.
  9. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Your number should remain the same if you're using the Verizon supplied SIM card to roam internationally. That's part of the point of it all.
  10. zimmy

    zimmy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your great persistence with VZ... Worked like a charm!

    It's amazing how we sometimes need to push and push just to figure out how to work the phones that THEY sell! LOL
  11. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Glad you were able to figure this out. Being able to unlock the SIM is a huge part in my decision process as to whether or not I buy the phone.

    I'm guessing that they were telling everyone about an "unlock SIM" screen because that's how it works with the only other global Android phones they've had - the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 Global. But you don't have to be in a foreign country for those. When you boot the phone with a non-Verizon SIM inserted, no matter where you are, it asks for the code then. I unlocked my Droid Pro in the U.S. using a AT&T SIM card (it wouldn't pick up a network since Verizon blocks AT&T/T-Moblie bands, but it was enough to get the "unlock SIM" screen up). Must be a Motorola vs. HTC way of doing things.
  12. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Well-Known Member

    It sucks how little verizon reps know about their phones. I was in last week and asked about using another sim card in the phone in Europe. She said if I attempted to use a different sim card it would void the warranty.

    I know for a fact that once the sim is unlocked, you can use a local overseas sim card and as long as the radio bands work, the sim will too.
  13. tlbj6142

    tlbj6142 Well-Known Member

    So has anyone actually used their DInc2 in a foreign country to make/receive a call and/or transmit data?
  14. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Yep, you can use local overseas SIM cards once it's unlocked. I've done it plenty of times with several different phones.

    And yes, they will tell you that unlocking it voids the warranty if you get the unlock code from Verizon. I've never had to try to get a warranty replacement on any of my global phones, so I'm not sure if that's an empty threat or not.
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  15. ElSnake

    ElSnake New Member

    I have been doing a bit of research wondering if there any way to unlock this phone if it has a BAD ESN** so i don't think calling vzw will help me unlock it is there any other way to this with software or some other kind of service? i found this website claiming to unlock the incredible 2 "SIM unlock code by IMEI" How to Unlock HTC *Droid Incredible 2 does anyone know if that might work?

    thanks in advanced if I get it working with more research ill post up but if anyone knows a way I defenitly appreciate it..Have a great day people!
  16. ElSnake

    ElSnake New Member

    Update: So I called Unlock Cell Phone : Cell Phone Unlocking : Unlock Phone to see if they are able to get the unlock code and they said "No one knows how to input unlock code, you buy at your own risk" not sure what that is supposed to mean but if anyones more familiar with this wants to give them a call seems like they have been doing this for a while I found them on youtube.
  17. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    It's been figured out how to input the unlock code for the Incredible 2 in this thread. That might be what they were referring to. It was done in a different way than any of the other global Android phones on Verizon, and not even any of the customer service folks knew how to do it.

    You can purchase unlock codes from online vendors. The IMEI is how Verizon does it as well. I've done it before when I didn't want to void my warranty or when I wanted to save an unlock from Verizon for later (they only allow a limited number per account over a period of time).

    I don't know if Verizon will follow suit or not with the Incredible 2, but with the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 Global, they somehow changed something about how the unlock codes were generated a bit after the phones were released. This resulted in the vast majority of online vendors who deal in unlock codes being unable to unlock the phones with the original codes they had. I know it's been a big problem for the Droid Pro in particular. Either things were adjusted via a software update or it only applied to certain production runs. Either way, it's caused a lot of people problems who wanted to import the phones or travel. I say that just to say that even if vendors claim to have a code, there's a chance it may not work.
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  18. davevt

    davevt New Member

    I followed these extremely useful instructions (thank you!) and have now unlocked my Droid Incredible 2, with a T-Mobile SIM in the UK.

    I can make and receive calls and texts.

    I cannot for some reason get the data to work. I confirmed with T-Mobile that my data allowance is active (texting "Allowance" to 150 it returns "Unlimited Data"). I have rebooted the phone and removed/reinserted my SIM numerous times.

    Anytime I try to use the data service, it fails -- just as if there were no cell service at all.

    Any ideas?
  19. davevt

    davevt New Member

    Following up on this, I figured out what was wrong! No APN settings. Check out this page to get the settings:

    Setting up APN can be done in: Wireless & Data -->Mobile Networks --> GSM/UMTS Options
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  20. cellfonepimp

    cellfonepimp New Member

    Thanks for the unlock instructions, but the Inc 2 will not pick up a TM US gsm connection. I read on Hofo that the gsm signal is only a global roaming band and it will only work on 2g North America.

    So for now its waste of money for US users!

    Edit: I got it to work! In the settings/call section you have to choose GSM/UMTS as the preffered network and TMobile kicked in!!!

    Edit2: For data goto settings/wireless/mobile networks/GSM/UMTS Options/Access Point Names hit menu and add APN then edit the settings for Simple Mobile this is what worked:

    APN: simple
    port: 8080
    username: not set
    password: not set
    server: not set
    mmsc: http//
    mms proxy:
    mms port: 8080
    mms protocol: WAP 2.0
    mcc: 310
    mnc: 260
    authentication type: none
    APN: default,supl,mms
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  21. barakko

    barakko Member

    It didn't for me.
    How did you switch it from CDMA to GSM/UMTS when it just rejects to change mode with the same idiotic message - "There is no SIM card on your device. Your device will switch to CDMA mode now"?

    Right now works for me only this:
  22. am_beagle

    am_beagle Active Member

    Quote from BSWEETNESS in the post above:

    "Sure enough, under Settings:Security, there is a menu item for "Disable SIM card lock". Choose that menu item and then type in your MEP code that Verizon gave you. Hit OK, and the phone will reboot.

    I just confirmed that my phone works just fine with my Virgin Mobile SIM."

    Please do a search in this thread
  23. barakko

    barakko Member

    Unfortunately when I do this... it gives a message "SIM lock disabled." Fortunately I know why... I unlocked SIM before entering this forum.

    Again. My problem is: After unlocking SIM I try to switch to GSM mode. It says "There is no SIM card on your device. Your device will switch to CDMA mode now". I tried number of working SIMs of other people phones... No success.
    Any help appreciated.
  24. am_beagle

    am_beagle Active Member

    I don't know where you are but if you're in the US there is no luck. Verizon rep told me the unlocked Dinc 2 will NOT work on AT&T and T-Mobile GSM here. Not like the unlocked BBs....
    The unlocked DInc 2 will work overseas with local SIM cards.

  25. bpf

    bpf Member

    It will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile. I just made a call on AT&T. I got the Dinc 2 last week specifically so I don't have to carry two phones any more when traveling overseas. But having it work in the US over GSM is an added bonus.

    So I followed the recommendations in earlier posts in this thread and called Verizon to get an unlock code. I had asked in the store when purchasing but the rep said they couldn't/wouldn't do it. Whatever. Also figured I could purchase one online but they're running $30 at the moment. So I thought I'd give VZW customer support a chance. The first CSR I talked to on the phone transferred me to global support and that rep said 'no problem' and walked me through the unlock in no time.

    I popped in my Cable & Wireless card here in the US and made a test call with no problems. But I also have an H2O SIM (a US-based VNO) which uses either AT&T or T-M, depending on your selection. So I swapped out the C&W SIM for H2O) and it switched over immediately. Made a test call with no problems.

    The Dinc 2 GSM radio is quad-band so it will work on any GSM system in the world, providing the SIM card is unlocked. 3G may or may not work, depending on the carrier's implementation. There are several flavors of 3G and they're not all provided on every phone. As most of the countries I travel to don't have 3G that's not an issue for me. Because AT&T uses the 1900MHz UMTS band for 3G (along with others), I suspect the Dinc 2 will provide 3G on that network. Unfortunately, my H2O card is for voice only and I can't test that but maybe someone with a data plan SIM card can. Or, I'll borrow one from someone at work and give it a shot.

    Anyway, many thanks to those who provided the unlock advice at the top of the thread.
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