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  1. rb1980

    rb1980 New Member

    This is an open question, since I have not been able to find any examples of anyone doing this yet.

    I know T-mo will give out the code under some circumstances, but I am a new customer and still financing the phone (won't even bother asking at this point). I took the phone to 2 different shops in Bangkok and neither could unlock, also tried one site online ( that could not do it.

    I've run across a couple of examples with other Samsung phones that make reference using a hex editor and looking for a string in one of the files in /dev/block

    Anybody know which file/string to look for on this phone?

  2. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    Dude the simplest answer is the simplest answer. Call T-Mobile and explain to them that you need the unlock code. You're locked in to a contract and paying monthly anyway, so they shouldn't care that you are using a different network but still paying TM. Just tell them you are traveling and need to use a local network.
  3. osnapitsjoey

    osnapitsjoey New Member

    i gotchu bro!
  4. osnapitsjoey

    osnapitsjoey New Member

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