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  1. kite12

    kite12 Member

    I have the HTC Magic from Rogers (canada) and want to SIM unlock it; as I'm planning to travel and use the phone in Europe.

    I've tried to use some unlock codes but without success.

    I'm wondering what other options do I have?

    Is rooting my phone (aka jailbreak) a way to achieve this task?

    Does anyone have a successful experience with SIM unlocking from Rogers?


  2. sandmonkee

    sandmonkee Member

    I just bought a Magic which is locked to t-mobile down in the US (I'm in Canada). I ended up buying one of those "universal no cut sim" unlocking cards on ebay from China. (like this: Universal No Cut Cell Phone Mobilephone Sim Unlock Card | eBay)

    I figured it might be a ripoff, but as you can see, it woud only cost me $3 to find out, so I ordered one. It took a couple of weeks to arrive, but I can 100% say that it is working. I brought the locked phone to a Mobilicity shop this afternoon, put in the unlocker and the Mobi sim card, and voila! Fully unlocked!

    So I would recommend getting one. When I showed the clerk in the phone store, he immediately logged on to ebay and bought one for himself!
  3. sandmonkee

    sandmonkee Member

    PS - Just as a disclaimer, I want to say that it worked FOR ME. Can't guarantee it'll be the same for everyone, but I figured people might want to know that these things actually work!
  4. bgoody

    bgoody Well-Known Member

  5. sandmonkee

    sandmonkee Member

    Hi bgoody, thanks for the info. I'm just always a little leery of those anonymous websites that will supposedly send you an unlock code after you give them all your info, etc. Have you personally tried the site you sent me?

    Also, it looks like they are charging $20 per code. The unlocker-sim I bought cost about $4, and can be used over and over on multiple phones. Here is a link:
    New i-SmartSim 2008 Operator Network SIM Card Unlock Attachment - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

    Based on the above, I think you'll agree the unlocker-sim is obviously the better solution.
  6. bgoody

    bgoody Well-Known Member

    Yes I've used them a couple of times. One time it was for a really old phone but they came up with the code.
  7. Brewmasterii

    Brewmasterii New Member

    I bought one of these off eBay for less than $3.00 shipped to my door, put it in my Rogers HTC Magic phone, slid my daughters Telus sim card in and it worked like a charm.

    This is what it was listed as: Universal No Cut Cell Phone Mobilephone Sim Unlock Card

    I have no affiliation with any eBay sellers, it worked for me and saved me money.


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