Similar apps to these in android before I leave the iPhone for good (list)

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  1. Deunan

    Deunan Member

    Just a few questions I have before I pick up a note 2:

    Will it have specific apps (or similar apps) that I like to use on a daily basis like these listed? As I said in another post, the iPhone is the first phone I actually USED, and I'd like to keep it that way with the next android phone I get.

    • -Anime network, crunchyroll
      -Living earth (real time HD weather clock and alarm), high end weather apps like hi def radar
      -planet or space apps like sky safari, exoplanet, skyview, wonders of the universe
      -yelp, where, around me, explorer (gives info on everything around you and I mean EVERYTHING)
      -news apps like flipboard, AP mobile, etc
      -Holy Bible
      -fitness/bodybuilding apps
      -amazon, newegg, target apps
      -translation apps like translate, vocre, google translate
      -dragon dictation
      -recipes apps
      -music apps like tunein radio
      -high end photography apps or apps like photo mag
      -into now
      -apps for kids

    These are the most used and important apps i need) or ones that do the same thing or better).

    Also, can you DL zip files or mp3s with android? just curious.

  2. Pookeysgirl

    Pookeysgirl Well-Known Member

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  3. Recoil1

    Recoil1 Well-Known Member

    with android you can drag and drop any file to your phone. I don't know if it will open a zip file or if there is an app for that. I do know you can simply hook up your phone to the computer and drag an MP3 and put it an any file you would like. I usually just put my MP3 in the "music" file but if it is a book or something you can just create the file and name it what ever you want and put the MP3 in that and android will recognize it.
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  4. gingersnapgirl

    gingersnapgirl Well-Known Member Contributor

    most of these, or similar apps, are available. But Pookeysgirl is correct, you can go to the google play website and search for what you need before you make the decision/purchase.
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  5. Deunan

    Deunan Member

    Thanks all, hopefully when I get the note 2 in a few days ill be able to find some comparable apps.

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