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Similar to MotoCast?General

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  1. KOBasinger

    KOBasinger Well-Known Member

    Will the SGN have anything similar to MotoCast? Was watching some hands on reviews and the MotoCast seems like a big thing to me considering I play a lot of music from my phone and use a lot of media from my computer.

    Sorry guys, this may be make or break for me deciding on which phone! Both are going to be amazing!

  2. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    Android already has stuff like this. You can use the cloud. I am already using music.google.com on my phone, its pretty nice. It syncs your music from your PC and streams it to your phone on demand through your default music app. Dropbox and programs like that will work fine, and im sure there will be apps like that out, or even that one included in ROMs for the rooted GNex :)

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