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  1. jamiedolan

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    I'm looking for something simple and easy that will store just a few passwords that I want to keep on my android. I would like it to be easy as possible to open and login web sites with these stored passwords, in Chrome if possible. I've looked at the overwhelming number of password storage applications in the store and have no idea where to start.

    I have many many hundreds of logins stored in a password manager on my desktop (roboform) and am NOT interested in having this sync to my phone.

    My main concern is making this easy to use, I have some sites I commonly use that keep wanting me to login again. The build in password manager in Chrome does not seem to want to save the passwords, at least for some sites. Perhaps this is just a bug and there is a way to force Chrome to save logins?



  2. TheOtherBill

    TheOtherBill Well-Known Member

    There's an active thread on this already, take a look here.
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