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  1. splash104

    splash104 Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a simple FM tuning radio which works without internet. I am unable to find one!

  2. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

    What ROM are you using? There should be one bundled in with the default apps (if you are running Gingerbread)
  3. splash104

    splash104 Well-Known Member

    I am using JellyTime ...
  4. TheSarge

    TheSarge Active Member

    Then go ask the JellyTime ROM developer. My bet is, he couldn't get the radio to work, hence the lack of radio app.
  5. aarsole

    aarsole New Member

    try Spirit will work..
  6. Puloma Leone

    Puloma Leone New Member

    I have Micromax A77, I have deleted my inbuilt FM App, need it again... How ??

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