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  1. Abo El Seej

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    I keep reading everywhere on the internet that rooting ur android device will void your device's warranty, the question is: How come that rooting ur device is considered as a "crime" for the phone corporations, and their are apps issued in the android market(approved by Google) which their primary job is to work on rooted devices like (Titanium backup)???


  2. HoseHead78

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  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    It voids warranty not because its illegal, but it allows you to do stuff in places in the system where they restricted access. That being said, they have no liabilities anymore if you screw up because you were doing things you weren't supposed to be doing. They restricted access to those areas to ensure that the phone will not be compromised and that anything wrong with the system would be their fault.

    They can't be sure its some lack on their side anymore if you had rooted the phone.

    Warranty is there to cover THEIR mistakes. They won't cover the expenses for YOUR mistakes.

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