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simple talking clock

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  1. Belovian

    Belovian Member

    I would like to create a simple taking clock profile to play on the hour only when my headphones are plugged in. any tips?

  2. tatootie67

    tatootie67 Well-Known Member

    Based on what you described, very basic:

    Context: headphones plugged
    Context: time(24hrs): repeat every hour

    Task: say %TIME

    That should get you started
  3. Belovian

    Belovian Member

    That's how I got started. but I figured it would say the time as soon as I plugged them in then every hour thereafter. for example if I plugged in at 9:26 would it then go off at 10:00 or 10:26?
  4. tatootie67

    tatootie67 Well-Known Member

    No .
    It will fire off every hour on the hour regardless of when the event begins.
    It would go off at 10:00
  5. Belovian

    Belovian Member

    Ok, here is what I got. got most of this from another post (thanks unclemike)

    Context: headset plugged any
    Context: Every hour

    Variable Set %MYTIME %TIME
    Variable Split %MYTIME "."
    Variable Set %MYAMPM "a m"
    Variable Set %MYAMPM "p m" If %MYTIME1 > 11
    Variable Subtract %MYTIME1 12 If %MYTIME1 > 12
    Variable Add %MYTIME1 12 If %MYTIME1 = 0
    Variable Set %MYTIME1 %MYTIME1 [Do Maths] (should eliminate any leading zeros)
    Variable Set %MYTIME2 %MYTIME2 [Do Maths] (should eliminate any leading zeros)
    Variable Set %MYTIME2 "O Clock" If %MYTIME2 = 0
    Variable Set %MYTIME2 "o %MYTIME2" If %MYTIME2 < 10

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