SIMPLIFIED: Rooting the Motorola Citrus

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  1. theburrus1

    theburrus1 Member

    This works, I just did it! You MUST have your phone's USB cable for this method, however...

    First, do these things in this order:

    1) Go to settings > sd card and phone storage > unmount SD card

    2) Go to settings > applications > Development > USB Debugging and turn it on.

    3) Download the file I have attached here which is a .zip file and unzip it. Click and run the file in there called SuperOneClick.exe. Just ignore the other files. Once it opens, click on "Root" and it will completely take care of everything for you. Do not touch your phone or stop the process though until it tells you "Rooted successfully" at the end. Once it does, you are done. Just click to safely remove your USB from the computer and go back and turn off the things you turned on I listed above. Also, you'll hear your phone beeping some and making funny sounds but its fine. You don't have to do anything else such as Recovery mode as it's already been done. Maybe just turn your phone off and on which will reload your SD card and your phone will be rooted.

    Also, this program can "Unroot" a phone as well and a couple other things you can see when you open this .exe file. Click this link for a picture of what the app looks like [APP]SuperOneClick v1.7 (Root, Unroot, Enable Non-Market App) - xda-developers

    (Note: I was using a PC running Windows 7 but you need to make sure your computer is running Microsoft .NET 2.0 or higher. Vista should be fine but if you are on XP I would go here and download these just to be on the safe side: MoMA - Mono and then do the process above.)

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  2. bpage01

    bpage01 Member

    why use this? you can use z4root and you dont need a computer to use it
  3. mziminski95

    mziminski95 Member

    It worked. Now, is this how I can save apps to my SD card? How so? Also what other things can I do now that my phone is rooted?
  4. dannyboy42670

    dannyboy42670 Member

    Once I get my phone I am going to do this :) Thank you sir.
  5. cobrawannabe

    cobrawannabe New Member

    Thanks for the great directions! How long does the process normally take from "Root" to finish?
  6. jbson2000

    jbson2000 New Member

    does citrus need to be in media sync ??or usb connection mode??
  7. djrafopr

    djrafopr New Member

    z4root dosen't works for me this program works in 2.1 version like mine.
  8. bender1

    bender1 New Member

    How long does this take....seems to just stay at a command prompt saying killind adb server? Also I dont see how it identifies the citrus
  9. bluenick81

    bluenick81 New Member

    The most recent version of this software does it fairly quickly, version 2.3.3 is what I used. Took a few minutes and the interface is enhanced from the previous version mentioned here.
  10. adammccoy1118

    adammccoy1118 Member

    when i try to root it says "Waiting for device..."

    please help
  11. ikadeo

    ikadeo New Member

    The zip file is malicious. Don't use until repaired.
  12. blitzJan

    blitzJan New Member

    I just bought a Motorola Citris and am new to Android looking to upgrade this phone to Android 4.2. Should I use your method of rooting then install 4.2? Thanks!
  13. Droidunited

    Droidunited Well-Known Member

    I used to have the Motorola Citrus and I hated it!! I'm so happy it is out of my life for good!

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