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  1. tarotmaniac

    tarotmaniac Member

    I was wondering if there was any sims games for android? i read that there's sims 3, Im using an HTC Tattoo is it compatible? also if not are there other sims like games that are? thanks in advance

  2. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    The only Sims game out is Sims 3. Looking at the Tattoo Specs, I kind of doubt it can run it (at least very well). It may require a later version of the Android OS (HTC site says it is stock with 1.6, but I saw that it got upgraded to at least 2.1? What version do you have?).
  3. HTCWozz

    HTCWozz Well-Known Member

    Wait, sims 3? I can't find this on the market on 2.2
  4. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    It's only available for certain devices (and only for the carrier Verizon, if I'm not mistaken).

    People have not only pirated the game, but made it available for other devices as well. You'll have to Google the .apk file. If you have a Snapdragon device, make you search for that one.
  5. mrsbelpit

    mrsbelpit Well-Known Member

    ^I believe it is for Galaxy S, I have it on Tmo vibrant.
  6. tarotmaniac

    tarotmaniac Member

    im running on 1.6
  7. esg_04

    esg_04 New Member

    i got a G2X running 2.2 and it shows up in my market.

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