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  1. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    Whenever im uploading music to my phone some albums will get split into two albums instead of staying as one single one. Very annoying and I can't figure out how fix it, using real player music player app and Notepod(itunesagent) to upload music.

    but Albums are not split in the music player that came with the phone, except some of the albums do not show album art work a solution to one or the other would very helpful! P.S tried album grabber program didn't work.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Make sure all music from a single album is in the same exact folder.
  3. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    Hi thanks for the reply, all music is organized neatly into all songs in 1 folder. But its still doing that, But still why won't my album art show now in the other music player that the albums are organized. its just that some albums are missing there artwork.
  4. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    and all the songs of an album are in that Album folder.
  5. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Is this using Google Music? If so, open the album that has the correct information and copy it all into notepad or some other text editor for reference. Then go to the other section of the album (the parts that are split) and edit it's album info and copy/paste the info from the first into it. Then save the changes. It should fix your problem.

    Google Music is really picky about album info, if you even get the capitalization different, it'll treat them like separate albums.
  6. fightingirish

    fightingirish Well-Known Member

    Make sure the album title and album artist info in the ID3 tag are exactly the same. Ran into a real pesky problem with a Motown compilation!

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  7. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    Not using google music, all the tags are all the same, Hense its normal in itunes (Quite picky tag program IMO) and year still doesn't work!!
  8. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    Im really frustrated about this, Nvm on the split albums, but mostly on the artwork not showing up as I will be using the stock media player. Atleast the albums are organized there, So does anyone have a fix so I am able get all the album art on my albums! Thanks!!!
  9. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    On iTunes, check if the album art is set to "embedded". AFAIK iTunes aren't normally set to that. You need it that way.

    As for albums, when you say they are in the same album folder, you mean you already checked in the phone and not on your PC? I had this same problem once and found out that for some reason, some songs go out of their album folders when I synced them.
  10. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    I embedded all my itunes albums and it still is not showing up!
  11. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    The thing is I notice, before u enter your libary there is a stack of random album art. Sometimes the albums that are missing album art the album art is shown on the music home screen..
  12. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Odd. I don't use iTunes but it seems there's something wrong about your settings there.
  13. AlteaDown

    AlteaDown New Member

    I'm currently making an ID3 tag batch editing app that will solve this issue, and it should be done within the month (I have to pollish it up a bit).

    Basically what's happening is that the set of songs may have the same Album Name and Artist Name associated with them, but they might have a different Album Artist. The Album Artist tag commonly occurs when a song is featuring more than one artist. If the songs have the same Album Name, but a different Album Artist, the player thinks they are just two separate albums that happen to have the same name. So basically what you have to do is make all the songs on that album have the same Album Artist, and then the albums will no longer be split.

    As for the album art problem, the album art is usually stored in each music file. However it is also possible for it to be stored as the file-name of the picture in the same directory. If it fails to find the picture, or it's named something else, the album art will not show up.

    Now for a quick fix, the only other app that allows you to edit the Album Artist tag appears to be "iTag", but you will have to edit each song one-by-one.

    If you are having any other gripes with your music player, I would love to hear about them, so I can consider other fixes that I implement.
  14. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    Ah I see well the album art is not still working on the stock music player, but I think I solved the split albums, I retagged a album that is split then re uploaded that album and its not split anymore! Im going to re tag all my music and see what happens will post results later! Thanks!
  15. comphateu

    comphateu Member

    YUP IT WORKED! I retagged all my albums and now the albums are not split anymore!! Album art still doesn't show on the Stock music player but Since my albums are not split I can use a music player that shows all the album art THANK YOU EVERYBODY!
  16. Barklow

    Barklow New Member

    this has been a problem that ive tried to fix for months and no forums ever had an answer that actually worked and so after many months of playing with playerpro to figure out this problem i finally did yesterday!

    1. Press on hold on one of the albums
    2. Press "edit"
    3. Deselect the check mark to edit "album"
    4. Select the check mark to edit "album artist"
    *Note* Some older versions do not have an "album artist" row and only has an "artist" row, in which case this method will not work so make sure to update your software!
    5. Enter desired artist/band name
    6. Press "save"
    7. Repeat previous steps for other portion of album

    *Note* If this does not fix issue make sure all other information matches such as year, genre, etc...

    This should merge the fragmented albums together making 1 accessible album.

    *Note* track titles may not be in order at this point. If not do the following steps.

    8. Go into the album where you'll see the tracklist
    9. Press "menu" then "more" then "sort"
    10. Select "file name"

    And there you have it. The 2 sections of the album should now be merged into one album and the track titles should be all in the correct order.

    Hope this works for everyone having this issue!
  17. jeffv

    jeffv New Member

    This had been annoying me for almost a year - thanks for helping me solve this annoying problem
  18. how do you retag? this is giving me the sh!ts atm. its only happened on 2 albums so far but i cant fix it. im just dragging and dropping from my external HD to my phone. The songs are in the folders in the file manager but in the music player they're split. Can someone walk me through re-tagging and anything else i need to know???
  19. btw did you try Cover Art Downloader?
  20. np6s4x

    np6s4x Well-Known Member

    try setting the 'album artist' tag the same on the whole album, if there's a duet somewhere in the album that makes the artist tag different that may split the album

    for retagging in windows, i either use itunes (because, it's no nonsense simple) or a program called "TagScanner" good for retagging whole albums at once, and much more

    and a fix that i've found for missing artwork, is to have a file named "albumart.jpg" in the folder with the music, this works with the default music player, others might need something else
  21. how do i use itunes when none of my music is in itunes? its saved to an external hd? i have to import it into itunes then stuff about in there? how do i get it back out of itunes? theres go to be an easier way than that.

    why cant it be done through kies?
  22. np6s4x

    np6s4x Well-Known Member

    (a few weeks late, but might still be helpful)

    i'd recommend the program linked above then, it's easy, fast, and simple (tips on using it if wanted)

    i haven't used kies to know what it can and can't do

    for itunes, importing (file menu -> add file/folder) would be one way, that just allows it to play the files within itunes, and edit their info, nothing happens to the files them self by doing that, they aren't stored within itunes or anything like that, the files would still be in the same spot and everything

    to edit a song you'd right click the name choose "get info" and a window will pop-up, and within that you can change what you need to, when do click ok, and the file should be updated with the new info you entered

    to update a whole album at once import using "add folder" and choose the folder the album is in, then right click the album name above all the songs, a message asking if you want to "edit multiple items" will appear, click 'yes', in this new window, click the check box to the left of everything you want updated on all the songs (like 'album artist' for example) fill out the info, then click ok, now all the files for that album should be updated

    in either way the files don't move at all, only get updated with new info/tags

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