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  1. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    Although it says that it is not compatible, and you can't install it directly from the store, the app works great on my tablet.

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  2. BigHAZE

    BigHAZE Well-Known Member

    So where did you get it? I was frustrated that I pay for Sirius and can't listen on my Galaxy Tab 8.9.

  3. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    Get it on the Google Store, but you can't download directly for your device. I downloaded for my phone, then pulled the apk. I can email and/or post it somewhere if you like.
  4. BigHAZE

    BigHAZE Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)
  5. prot0fein

    prot0fein New Member

    can you e-mail me the APK as well?
    I'd love to have this on my tablet
  6. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    You should be able to download directly from the Play store. They've fixed their app. If you're looking for free service, the APK won't give that to you--you still need a SiriusXM account.

    The improvements to the app are nice.

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